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  1. Not too bad at all. I'd like to have a month like that. Of course, I'd have to have a quarter to start, which I don't have... I wonder how his overall month looks, with all the side bets, bracelet bets, and the presumed bonus structure with P*s (without any knowledge, if his agent didn't get bonus payments in there for WSOP/WPT cash/ft/wins, he needs better Poker Royalty on his side.). I imagine it was a pretty, pretty schweet month.Good series, Daniel. It was fun to rail you (virtually and at the Rio).
  2. GL Daniel. I'll be in LV for the next few days. I think I'll drop by to rail you for a while.
  3. These kind of misdeal requests only ever seem to come up when someone gets all their money in crushed. Does OP question the hand if the 'villian' turns over a busted draw / bluff?
  4. ...edited... If the dollar gets weaker, you get more.
  5. RIP Chip. I respected your game.Reading this thread left me with the feeling I was at a funeral where all the mourners were in cutoffs and wifebeaters. The pseudo-pornographic .sigs and sophomoric avatars all seemed pretty juvenile and disrespectful when contrasted with the content of earnest and heartfelt condolences.
  6. I'm still betting on him "leaving las vegas"... Europe, LA... LA sounds right. My sources are spurious. They cannot be irrefutable.
  7. I never thought I'd see that in print. Gold getting too much credit? What a concept... He was practically crying for mercy, "enough, enough, it's enough" The show was horrifyingly bad, except for Doyle's quip about his father, and the one about Phil/Antonio.
  8. It takes all the fun out of random speculation and punditry if the subject/object keeps popping our balloons! Of course we don't know you as well as you do... on the other hand, as Robbie Burns said, "no greater gift...than to see ourselves as others see us". You do get a lot of benefit, if you can ignore the ego bruises, from having people being brutally honest in how they perceive you. Of course, you also get some folks halfway up your alimentary canal. So, you're playing great poker, and you're an experienced and controlled gambler. You will never leave FCP. The handicappers are going
  9. Like nothing he's ever written before, so it isn't about golf or wii or fantasy hockey. DN is the only guy in the blogosphere who does "coming attractions" in his blog. It has a good news/bad news feel, so it isn't (shouldn't be) marriage or baby. I think guesses about abandoning blog and/or FCP are strong possibilities. Quitting poker completely is also possible, but unlikely (how could he play LESS?).Sick gambling rehab? Move to Europe? Professional Wii tour?
  10. It had to be a wheelgun. So oldschool. I'd like to snoop around and liberate one or two of the Remington sculptures, but he might still be a good shot...
  11. Laliberte is also rumored to be the money behind Brad Booth's appearance in last years HSP.
  12. They're showing three episodes in a row. I *think* the new episode is the second one... at least that's the one I'm getting the PVR to grab. Did I get it right?
  13. http://www.cardplayer.com/magazine/article/16963 ... someone linked it late in the 4 thread.
  14. And I'm out. JJ vs QQ vs Q9.JJ me.Q9 makes hearts.
  15. I wonder what the over/under on bustouts in the first 15m is. I put the line at around 4000.
  16. I'm in.[update] Currently tied for the chip lead! Go Me!
  17. Riiiigght... because if I'm going to cheat, the only way to do that is to speak in a foreign language. Ivay otgay ingkay ofay eartshay. It is annoying to be "outside" a conversation, but realistically, the cheaters will cheat whether they speak English or Hindi. I wouldn't, but can easily imagine LOADS of ways to collude without resorting to speaking another language. Let's see, I could stack chip colors as a visual signal. I could use code words. I could arrange my cards, cap them in a different corner. I can signal with finger placement. I can kick under the table (stealing from the
  18. If you get your laptop repaired, make sure to rename it Vinnie.
  19. Vinnie looks pretty good for a reportedly mostly-dead crackhead tweaker.Boy's got problems for sure, though.
  20. A slow-motion train wreck -- It is hard to look away. Damn, it must suck to be him right now.
  21. I've actually won two seats to this event. Before I make up my mind (no stakeaments, sorry) about playing it ... how long does it run? Can I expect to be playing 5-6 hours before I win ?
  22. Noting the location and general action, i got a ticket for doing some very similar activities in a parking lot when I was 16. i was initially charged with dangerous driving, but it was changed to "stunting" when I showed up. i wonder why the video is cut to avoid us watching Phil get out of the car?
  23. "well amplified brush"... does anyone else playing these mega-rooms (borgata, taj, etc) find the constant PA noise annoying? Bigger <> better when it comes to card rooms, IMO. i want something just large enough to have some games running, but not too big. About 15-20 active tables seems to put it over the edge.
  24. There is a distinct difference between reign and rein. In this context, Jamie would be the 'reigning champion'. Reins are used to control things like donkeys.
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