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  1. I was having a conversation with a mate about buying a selling foreign currency. This came about because the Aussie dollar and the U.S dollar are now equal. He was saying that we should buy a crap load of U.S dollar now and sell it when the Aussie dollar crashes against the U.S dollar. However, I was always under the assumption that it was the other way around (buy when the Aussie dollar is low to the U.S dollar, e.g. $1AUD buys $0.60USD and then sell when its rises).Can anyone confirm which is true. Please keep in mind that we were talking about buying actual physical money from a bank or an
  2. No Ronaldinho, No adriano and no Pato. I dont see Brazil going pass the quarters, def not makin the final.Even though im from Australia, Ill be rooting for Serbia. Although I dint think we'll win it, we'll def give it a good shake up. We have some players in great form. Olic, Krasic, Stankovic, Vidic, etc.... Dont be suprised if we get to the semi's.
  3. Thanks 3A exactly what im looking for. PM me your full tilt nick and ill ship a stake!
  4. I guess no one can help me here, off to 2p2 we go....
  5. Im trying to figure out my optimal strike rate based on my average odds that I bet at.At present, my strike rate is 67.14% and my average odds are $1.78.I know its a pretty simple equation but I am not very mathematically inclined and tbh i cbf.Thanks in advance for your help
  6. this coming from someone that lives in a country which considers baseball a national sport......each to their own i guess
  7. just because they dont have many dutch players doesnt mean they didnt play a dutch style of football. gus knew barca was better so he played a 4-5-1 and hope to score on the counter which is what they did. other examples of this ugly shit football is the other teams guz has coached e.g. russia and australia. both went deep in euro and the world cup respectively playing this counter attacking game which is ugly and boring. hopefully we'll see good attacking football in the final. James D: yes barca myight be overrated and their first shot on target came in the 92nd minute but the actually "play
  8. Thank god that chelsea, gus and that ugly f**king dutch football is not in the final. what an ugly game. hopefully we get to see some good attacking football in the final
  9. Wang is pretty much spot on. Also if your looking to shed some weight try and do some cardio first thing in the morning when you have nothing in your stomach. This forces your body to use fat stores as energy therefore shedding both weight and fat.
  10. Reading $1.53Wolwes $1.49Crystal Palace $1.70Empoli $2.12Goodluck to all!!!
  11. Im gettin slaughtered....Reading $1.53Wolwes $1.61Barcalona $1.67
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