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  1. Anyone know what's happening with Daniel's new book ?
  2. Hey Daniel,Read the blog.......Your wife ok with all this ?? You don't mention her much lately ?
  3. Everyone,I thought Daniel was supposed to be on the cable show " The Big Idea" with Donny Deutch last week ? The segment on poker was aired, but Daniel was not included. Anyone know what happened ? Did I miss something ?Also, have any pictures popped up on line from Jennifer Harman's ASPCA charity tournament held last month at Cesar's Palace??
  4. Enjoy your first time in Vegas.....Be advised that it is no longer your "grandfather's Vegas" and most worthwhile things are overpriced ! Also, I do not know if you will have a car or not, and your skill level at poker, but I will make a couple of suggestions.....* The best restaurants are a ways off the strip.....for a terrific dinner on the gourmet side, you cannot beat Rosemary's restaurant on Sahara Blvd. Try the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage hotel foe great deli sandwhices....Hash House a Go-Go (Sahara Blvd) is a fun place to have breakfast. Piereo's, Bella Luna, or Ferraro's are all
  5. Daniel,Well done on the new house ! My wife wants to know who you're going to get to clean it ? I believe that you used to live in NW Vegas ? Did you move further West, South, or North or what ? The reason I ask is that my wife and I are planning to move back to Vegas from the Midwest sometime in the near future, and currently prefer the neighborhoods in far NW Vegas from Summerlin out to the Centennial Hills area, basically as far out on Charleston blvd as you can go.When you mentioned that you are now in a better area, I wondered which way you decided was better ? We would like to se
  6. I'm planning a trip to Japan next year. I don't know of any poker there. Is it illegal there ? Anyone know of the closest place to play poker near there? Macao maybe? Any thoughts or experiences ?
  7. I'm in Madison, and the weather sucks.....We got twice as much snow as expected yesterday, and it took all day just to clean it up so we can be ready for tonight's blizzard. Supposed to be another 8 Inches tonight, plus another 3-5" tommorrow.....I'll probably watch PPT on travel channel, then see what's up online....My cat is shedding ahead of schedule, so it's gonna be Spring in about a week to ten days.....We can look forward to that at least....Stay warm !
  8. Is anyone going to the Heartland Poker Tour at the Meskwaki Casino in Iowa next month ?Anyone been to that Casino/Hotel before ? What's it like ?Has anyone played on the Heartland Tour before ?
  9. I've been going to Vegas for 30 years now. Here are a couple of my favorites...Mexican : Lindo Mohochan Restaurant on Dessert Inn way off the strip.....The best Mexican in the U.S.Fancy Dinner: Rosemary's Restaurant on west Saraha way off strip....Tremendous !Italian: Bella Luna on SarahaBreakfast: Hash House a Go-Go on Saraha....(it's a joint, but great food)Burger's: In & Out...Also, you may want to consult the Las review Journal newspaper online.....They have a "Best of Vegas section" and the 2007 ratings should be out soon......(go with the editor's advice and ignore what the lo
  10. Thanks, Blue Diamond is getting built up quite a bit isn't it ? Is there still only one main road in and out of there ?
  11. How many people on this forum actually live in Vegas ? My wife and I are hoping to move back there within the year. Here's on background on me to start.* I was born and raised in L.A. and lived there for over 30 years. Visited Vegas a lot.* Lived in Vegas ( Green Valley) for over 3 years then got married and moved to Madison Wisconsin where I have lived for the last 15 years. * Wisconsin has been good to me, but it's time to get out.* I travel on business to Vegas about 4-5 times a year, always play poker.* I play at various casinos around the country as I'm traveling.As the real estate
  12. Hey,Great rumors.....I heard a rumor that Daniel's newest book may actually be released this century ????
  13. DN should definately get his due for a good call on the game........right on the money ! Looks like you were about 50/50 on the props ?I will now pat myself on the back, for NOT betting the game, as I did not receive my required 8.5 points for Chicago, (as outlined in my last post) but did win both of my props,......not that I didn't have to sweat out the penalities ! Hey DN, The publisher tells me that your latest book is now delayed for at least another 30-60 days.....! Do you plan to have it released sometime this century ? I've had it on order for weeks already.....I'd hoped to re
  14. It would seem to me that the Bears might have a better chance than most experts seem to give them. The "line" has not moved much in Indy's favor, so you would think that a lot of money is coming in on the Bears. I would have made Indy about a 8.5 point favorite. Since both teams are coming off big efforts, and both seem to be "gelling" at he right time, it makes the game dependant on a big play play or two, which would seem to favor Manning, but look at what the Bears did last game ! I would say Chicago has to play a disciplined, ball control game, with few penalities to win. Whoever make
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