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  1. I agree with about everything you said. I think you have to give AP and Chris Bosh those breaks at the end of the season, considering the last game Bosh played against New York he played every single minute. literally a full 48 minute game. I know he's young and all, but he's not that young. So its sort of a catch 22 because they have no momentum but without it they'd have been killed.First [3] Quarters - I'm sure you've all noticed... The last game Toronto had a lead at half was when they beat Miami at the ACC. They then trailed in the first halves of every single game for the remainder of th
  2. Mourning not sure if he's retiring:http://www.nba.com/nba_news/Mourning_070430.htmlIf his track record is any indication, he's going to say he retires, leave miami and then play 5 more years for the Lakers.
  3. Steve Nash is the only non-forward to get multiple double-double-double games in a single season (20/20). Kidd came pretty close last night but as far as I know Chamberlain's the only person with a triple-double-double.I could be wrong
  4. I believe that's called a triple double-double. I don't think there's been a triple double-double since Wilt Chamberlin.
  5. After the game i was explaining what happened to a Raptor fan friend of mine that didn't get to see it. I was overcome with a Jim Mora style rant."We couldn't score the ball, we couldn't keep the other team from scoring the ball, we couldn't complete a pass, We did diddly... poo offensively, we couldn't run the ball we didn't try to run the ball, In my opinion that stunk. Everytime we turned it over they went to the other side and scored points. We turned the ball over... 17 turnovers for 30 points i think that might be an NBA record. That sucked. Finals? finals are you kidding me? finals?
  6. I'm nothing if not superstitious and paranoid!I have a good feeling about tonight's game. If they can steal one tonight they get home court advantage back and if Vince is forced to play the point with Kidd injured, that's taking away his ability to move without the ball which could possibly limit him offensively. Hopefully
  7. I said earlier how I hoped Jason Kidd didn't break his leg trying to defend TJ Ford. Well I don't think it was from that, but Kidd's got a bum knee and is a game-time decision for game 3. Nobody outside of European football fans wish injury upon the opposing team's players. However this is a big advantage for Toronto and I hope his leg gets better.... during the offseason.Toronto doesn't run very many Isolation plays. a few times a night for Bosh and 1 or 2 for Ford. But if Kidd plays with a hurt knee, he's a huge defensive liability. It'd be in Toronto's best interest to run a couple more iso
  8. that game was rough. 12 assists on the game. A lot of that had to do with missing so many shots. I think a lot of nice set ups were made but they didn't make them. Plus there was a sort of stagnancy to their passing in the middle of the fourth.Its weird that Anthony Parker has to live in the shadow of his younger sister... All things considered.... So if its possible, for the people who haven't heard of AP other than "Candace's brother" got to see why the Raptors won so many games this year. What a steal Anthony Parker is. He's already a fan favourite but it'll be cemented in concrete if he pl
  9. I loved the Mavs/Warriors game. The first half looked like a college game. 38/38 at the half.The Bulls will be tested in Miami. Jump shooting teams have what I call a "card counting" edge at home because the concentration is better and the crowd is on your side. If Miami doesn't steal a game in Chicago, I see the Bulls taking game 7 at home.
  10. Sam Mitchell is the coach of the year:http://www.nba.com/news/mitchell_coachofyear_070424.htmlGood job, Sam.
  11. I know it sounds weird, but its good news that Dixon was injured. For his first few months in the red and white he was a high percentage shooter like Parker. Had a lot of 5/7 FG nights and 8/11 FG nights etc. So if his recent cold streak can be attributed to that, its good for the Raps in the long run.TSN is bad luck broadcast, I've been saying this all year. The Score is neutral while the Raptors don't lose on Sportsnet. It just doesn't happen. If a game is ever on sportsnet, you can get out the salami and cheese at the player introductions.excited about game 2. If they have to go to Jersey b
  12. Bosh came out on pure adrenalin and you could tell. I'm very happy and impressed by the way he handled the pressure. he didn't post up nearly enough considering how slow the Nets came with the double team. He relied on his jumper a bit too much but when they're falling you can look the other way.The two headed monster of Jose Calderon and TJ Ford gave the Raptors the only penetration all game. The Nets are weak on the inside and the Raptors didn't take advantage of it. Bargnani was scared to post up. They actually doubled him on the perimeter which is giving him a lot of respect. I think he wa
  13. Fair enough ;)If you look at the last time they faced, Mo Pete dropped 18. Mo Pete was on the playoff teams and he's an NCAA champion. Same with Dixon actually. Whoever is going to be the most effective swingman is going to be the most important player for the Raps. This is true all year. Whether its Parker, Mo Pete or Dixon, they all man that F/G combo position. Out of the three, I think Parker has the best 3 point shot. Second is Morris Peterson. That's why I pick him as an important player. Whoever is at the tail end of the swing out of the double team.Humphries no doubt is important. Hustl
  14. Parker's probably going to be on Vince for the majority of the game, as he's the guy that takes Kobe, Wade, etc. And if he can do the job on Kobe that he did, I think Carter will be much easier. He's hot right now, there's no doubt about it, but They don't need to double team him outside the paint with Parker on him. (Edit: Also Carter will have to work on the defensive end, working being one of Carter's biggest phobias)I think Mo Pete an enormous X-Factor as is Bargnani and Nachbar. That's where the story plays out. Mo Pete HAS to be on. The Nets have nothing even resembling a defensive answe
  15. very exciting first round match up against the Nets. I know everyone wanted Washington... But could it happen any other way? Really now? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie08ZhRqUZUPretty pass and shot last night against Philadelphia. He's been inching further and further out with his jumpers lately and hits another 3. Think he's planning on pulling those out this weekend?
  16. Dwayne Wade can probably break down Chicago's defense, but I don't expect to see very many easy layups against one of the best interior defense players in recent history while recently coming off a major injury. He'll be working for every point in the paint in that series. It depends if they decide to run the offense through Shaq inside.As a Toronto fan I find Chicago to be one of the lesser intimidating teams in the East as they play similarly only without a guy like Bosh. It'll be interesting to see how Miami deals with the collapse/kick, high screens and fast breaks of the Bulls. Heat in 6,
  17. I'm back from Europe earlier than expected but I can watch the last home game of the year so all is not lost.I'm worried about Bargnani. I understand there's no reason to rush him and he's feeling sick. If he doesn't play tonight though, You don't even know if you want him shooting threes in the opening series. New Jersey, Washington, whatever. Toronto has the fourth best record in the NBA since January 1st. You don't accomplish that over that long a span with a lucky streak.They're solid and underestimated and like I said before, foreign as hell. Not as foreign as they once were, but they hav
  18. Are you melting or something? Why do you care? To what end? That isn't a very good reason to hate a group of people. Let alone a country. Who are all these people hating America because of a religious population? Besides other Americans? Is that really what you attribute it to? Every time you hear someone thank God for their blessings and the ability and skill to go far in life, do you throw a tantrum and think "and they wonder why there's terror?" Yes.Also, saying Jewish people for some reason or another would be thanking Moses for things leads me to believe you're quite the religious scholar
  19. Raptors win. Got out played for 3/4 of the game. shot under 40%. I didn't get to watch it so I don't know if it was good defense by Detroit or bad shots by Toronto.If they win any more games this year or Miami loses anymore games this year, they'll have 3rd.The Knicks tomorrow. Eddie Curry will still be fat, but Kris Humphries has gone all out in his defensive play and has been put on Shaq twice, Curry twice and Ben Wallace in the last month. I think him as well as Rasho and Bargnani can handle Curry's extraordinary girth. The Knicks are officially done and I don't see Isiah as the great motiv
  20. Carlos BoozerThat is what I meant though. It doesn't matter how close it is, Sheed, Prince Billups etc aren't playing 35+ minutes under any circumstances.
  21. Pistons are shutting down now that they've clinched home court through the Eastern Conference playoffs. Somewhat good news for the Raptors considering they have to face them twice.That game in Detroit was one of the best road games of the year with a melt down in the last few minutes. I've wanted to see how the Raptors match up to Detroit since then, but unfortunately the Pistons have nothing to play for. Still though it'll be an exciting weekend for Raptors fans. I got to see the NBA Stories episode on the Raptors. It was pretty good. Corny but that's expected. BC spoke quite highly of Sam Mi
  22. Terrell Owens is the only "ultra-skilled + retarded idiot" that can come close to Vince Carter. Mike Tyson. Allen Iverson isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.I imagine if Babe Ruth was around today he'd be seen as a douchebag.The MVP chants died after that as well.
  23. I was thinking about that during the game yesterday.... Facing New Jersey. They're underseeded right now. They played poorly this year but they're talented and playoff hardened. But what Raptors fan in the world doesn't want that match up? Imagine clinching that series in the ACC. It would sound like an atomic bomb had dropped in downtown Toronto. Ideally, Toronto should play the Wizards and make it to the second round and put up a fight with whatever tough team they may face. But one shouldn't underestimate the power of revenge and spite.Canadians are all fun and games until you diss the metr
  24. on the road, back to back, evening game last night and playing against a team with nothing to lose and a bit of a time zone change. Minnesota is a lot like Philadelphia. If you underestimate them they'll rip you to shreds. They've got talent but for some reason don't care whatsoever about winning.Toronto needs to show poise in this game. Does anybody know if Mo Pete's Type 2 was changed to a Type 1? He could get a lot of minutes with Dixon and Parker playing a lot yesterday.
  25. Wade was definitely rusty and the Bobcat defense will give you almost any shot you want. I don't know if he could have made as many of those trademark acrobatic cuts against a team giving him less space. He wouldn't have been ready for a Chicago interior defense or a Pistons interior defense. Poor percentage from the line as well which he definitely needs in the extra-tight playoffs. Bad fundamentals come with the territory when you get a long injury.I think a little tweak up time would've been good but its nice to see him playing again. I think they assumed the Charlotte game was going to be
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