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  1. As expected, LeBron James started to believe his own press over the last week and actually started thinking he wasn't an awful jump shooter. He did absolutely bupkis the entire first half and the majority of the second half, but nailed 2 threes from a foot behind the line (a shot that's basically saying we give up) which they'll show on Sport Center so the casual fan will continue to think he isn't bad at them. LeBron James honestly doesn't know how to hit a fade away and never has. Its a stain on Larry Brown if he lets him keep doing that, 48 point game or not. He slashed to the basket more i
  2. why would someone fade away while they're open? yeah if he's in the corner and takes a jumper that's one thing but i think you're misunderstanding the situation. LeBron's problem is VC's problem, only Vince Carter is a better shooter. If they start taking jumpers they get in trouble because its not +EV for them. Once again i'd like to apologize for saying +EVThe majority of the time LeBron James doesn't do well when taking outside shots. In the long run, fold K9o man
  3. The stage is set for a Cavs upset of the Spurs, but realistically I don't know if I can see it happening. The Spurs would have had a very long time off by the time game 1 rolls around so don't expect the results of that game to be indicative of how the series will go. However I think by game 3 we'll see how the finals are going to play out. If the games are close by game 3 take Cleveland more seriously since the veteran Spurs should have made enough proper adjustments by then, just like the Pistons should have. Just like the Eastern Conference Finals, its the vets series to lose. If Gibson get
  4. The game and the performance was sick. But LeBron can't take Jordan one on one. One on One is what made Jordan so dangerous. A lot of people blame Jordan for popularizing isolating your opponent and beating them. In a sense I agree with that sentiment. Its now far too common by players not nearly as good. It wasn't ball hogging when Jordan did it because he genuinely seemed like instant offense.Jordan did do the kind of thing James did and in regulation as well. People seem to forget he was in the NBA for nearly 10 years before the dynasty. The 80's was when you really saw what an individual p
  5. I don't know if this is still all happening because of what was said in the other thread by hills.It could be a threat to force them to be busy in the off season. I doubt he'd be willing to leave the Lakers for teams in even worse shape.
  6. If it makes you feel any better wherever he goes, you'll get the 2 best players of their roster in return, draft picks for the next 10 years and all the tea in China.
  7. Wow. Where could he possibly go? Maybe the Bulls. He wouldn't leave LA to go to NY. What other team could handle him? honestly.I imagine every basketball player in the US wants to play in Southern California. Its hard to believe someone can love winning enough to leave that market and that team and that region of the country.Somewhere in Miami, a very large black man laughs maniacally.
  8. Oh I definitely agree. Which is why I'm saying they don't have the guts to take Durant. They have Randolph and Aldridge on the front court and Durant is the perfect fit for that team. Who knows though a veteran may be an even better fit. I can't think of equal value though to picking first in this draft.
  9. It must be because they don't have the guts to draft Durant over Oden. Its the only reason I can imagine.
  10. Your 2007 NBA Champions, the San Antonio Spurs.The Pistons are already falling back on their signature "annoy the other team into stupid mistakes" strategy and I'm surprised its been so close in that series. The Spurs look like they're spring chickens compared to the Pistons.Watching these 2 series, I have to say, they are AWFUL. honestly. I love basketball and I'm having trouble getting into them. I was excited about a possible Spurs v. Pistons final for a while, but I'm shaking in my boots now. Would it kill any of the teams to score 100 points?
  11. It's presumed that this draft and the 2003 draft are the changing of the guard in terms of superstar restocking. The east made out well in 2003. With Wayde, LeBron, Bosh, Heinrich and a lot of good role players going out east, I think the future of the the conference is just fine. The Knicks are due and who knows maybe one more year of those players together will solve their lack of chemistry. I think the east has a bright future as soon as the 2003 picks fully mature into more than shoe salesmen. The west (Especially the weak northwest) made out well in this draft. The entire top 10 will prob
  12. Watch the hell out for Portland. (haha, wouldn't it be funny if whomever they pick is the bust and Seattle becomes a dynasty and the team of the decade? If that's the case, the Traiblazers have some kind of witch's curse on them. Oh or even better: "With the first overall pick, The Portland Trailblazers select Joakim Noah")I'm glad Boston flopped on the lottery. Atlantic remains wide open for another year.If Durant somehow slips to the 3 spot, Atlanta should change their name to "The Atlanta Swingmen" or "The Atlanta PositionsAreOverrated"I was hoping Minnesota would have done better. Milwauke
  13. Which was the game in which the didn't play good defense. The Bulls blew out the Pistons when the Pistons didn't play defense. It doesn't mean the style of perimeter mid-pace can blow out a defensive team that just didn't play well.They gave up a lot of shots in that game they don't usually give up and didn't really give up since. In general defensive teams don't blow other teams out considering they're trying to score and get back on D.As for the lack of offensive rebounding due to a high shooting percentage, I don't see it that way. Shooting 49% to your opponents 45% doesn't make up for no
  14. The best barometer for a half-court set team in terms of the other team's defense is shots with 3-5 seconds left on the shot clock and broken plays, not points scored and shooting percentage. So do the Lakers. You can't say with a straight face the Lakers are good denfensive team. I'm not saying he's not a good player defensively, but that's not a good excuse as to why his team is.Their defense has improved with Amare and I'll definitely admit the improvement of their defense because of him has been overshadowed. However I wouldn't say they're a good defensive team. Which is the essential d
  15. I think anything shy of a Pistons-Spurs rematch would be a major upset. Did anybody see what happened when the Nets fell into a zone with James on the bench? I don't see the Cavs winning a game at the Palace. The Pistons are old enough and experienced enough to steal a game 3 in Cleveland. Then the only thing stopping them is themselves.I'll admit I never saw much of the Jazz until the playoffs. At times they've been impressive and at times, especially in the Houston series, they've shown signs of not being quite there yet. As a Raptors fan I've decided not to judge a team by their first playo
  16. 0 tolerance. That's what it comes down to.I don't know if you've all been around the last couple of years, but you might have noticed the dress code and Wayne Newton at the all-star game.Its totally unfair but the NBA is better than any other league I've seen at damage control. They're pretty authoritarian about it but they're definitely pro-active. They followed the rule to an exact and were very harsh. What's important to the NBA is Jordan's retired and the face of the sport took a turn for the worst after the Pistons-Indiana incident. This is the playoffs and the NBA can't try to take the
  17. phew this thread got fiery.How 'bout them Bulls?
  18. I think the average fan is more annoyed by clock stoppages and light fouls and 35+ freethrows a game than by games that move. Even if that movement is stalled in half-court sets. Its unfortunate because it should be an accepted aspect of a better quality game but these hypothetical "casual fans" are fickle.The Spurs and the Pistons are both better than their parts. No superstars that a casual fan would identify (Sad considering Duncan is a hall-of-fame MVP World Champ) and like I said before are both cold and calculating and only interesting to watch to big-time basketball fans.LeBron James is
  19. A little bit. More so without Amare. Small, running All-out offense is a gimmick. They're just a lot better at it and much more talented than other teams that use the gimmick, like Golden State. This year their defense is a lot better and probably good enough to win it all. But the Spurs shut down the Suns during the season when they came to play.
  20. Watching Vince Carter lay on the floor after being embarrassed by a missed lay up screaming in agony like he was just molested brings back memories. The fact it was just a charley horse cramp brings back even more.Spurs still have home court and a veteran team prized for defense makes quick adjustments. If they lose home court I expect the Suns can pull it off but my prediction still goes to the gimmickless Spurs.
  21. Yeah the Pistons are sick. So are the Spurs. In terms of cold, calculating, precision. Both very experienced teams with no gimmicks. Unless the Cavs get deeper all of a sudden, don't be surprised to see the Pistons sweep all 3 rounds of the Eastern Conference. As far as TV ratings go, Spurs-Pistons is rating hell because both teams have been there done that, are defensive powerhouses and there's no real story to be told other than 2 teams that are hungry to cement their legacy as dynasties. Suns - Pistons I have to give the edge to the Pistons again, but it'll be a bit easier to watch. Half-co
  22. That was a really exciting game and I'm happy for that much.Some people may question leaving Calderon in for crunch time over Ford. I don't. Ford could not, at all, during the entire game defend Jason Kidd. At all during this whole series really. If you watch what Kidd was doing while being defended by Ford, he was entirely comfortable and was getting off any pass he wanted. Ford's a trillion times faster than Kidd but refused to get up on him like Calderon did. Ford came in and they went down by 10 because they couldn't stop Kidd from passing it to who he wanted. Nobody was dogging Ford durin
  23. They took guards off him. In the first half, a lot of the time he ended up getting guarded by Kidd, Carter, Williams etc. Because they managed to run a lot of effective pick and rolls allowing them to get mismatches and rotations. Bargnani was just shooting right over top of them and beating them easily. Its one of the benefits of a 7'0 shooter that barely leaves his feet for 3's.In the second half they made sure to keep a forward on him and stay up close so he never had any space. I think they could have gone out of their way to try and open him up but I'm glad they didn't. It ended up leavin
  24. Great start and even though the second half wasn't very sharp for Toronto I give more credit to the veteran team adjusting than Toronto falling apart in any way.I know I'm a bit of a cheerleader for the European players on the Raps but if Jose Calderon doesn't get you excited you're not a Raptor fan. How about the Ole chants when Jose was heating up? Nothing better than a whole crowd doing the Calderon-threes and soccer chants. I love it. I have to give props to the Toronto crowd on that.Bargnani was hitting shots effortlessly again tonight. Its a good little reminder of what the Raptors have
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