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  1. This has become the standard off season thread. Durant's stinking up the joint so far in the summer league. So is Oden. Oden's in foul trouble every game but I don't think a rookie big man has ever not had foul trouble in the summer league. The refs are really tight with calls in the paint plus all those scrubs/has beens/never were's running indiscriminately at the basket to try to get noticed. Durant just seems to not be hitting anything and getting shut down by pretty bad defense. Probably nothing to worry about but I still think it'll be a rough year in Seattle.
  2. I think it was a half-joke. In that Seattle is going to be awful.The real question is, how will Durant handle the pressure of playing in Las Vegas?
  3. Gilbert's getting max money no matter what and he chose to be in Washington last time so I don't see him going anywhere on his own. If the Bullets even consider moving him they're basically getting rid of what will eventually be seen as the most charismatic player in the game and the only hope for a basketball following in Washington. They've done stupid things before, though.
  4. Trading Allen and not even demanding Jefferson in return in inexcusable. Unless they have a big trick up their sleeve, everything points to liquidation.What's the over/under for Durant's rookie ppg? I'd bet over on anything less than 25.
  5. They're banking on potential in the traditional Orlando way.They needed someone who could create a shot and they got one. Durant's now the primary scorer on Seattle and I predict a rough year for them. There wasn't any real way for Durant and Lewis to mesh anyway. Unless Lewis plays the PF.But to get rid of Ray Allen unsaved Seattle basketball. They sooo don't care.
  6. We'll never know since the market just got inflated on shooters. I imagine Peterson will command more than that being in the league for 7 seasons and having a career year with starting playing time in 05/06.Peterson can also get to the basket when you need him to. I don't know enough about Kapono but I always assumed he was on the other end of the Shaq triple teams. They still need a better center than Nesterovic so Bargnani can play a looser forward position. I don't know if Kapono's on the MLE or not. I know they were 6 million under the cap. Colangelo's one of the top GM's in the league and
  7. ESPN.com just had an article saying Jason Kapono is the newest Raptor. 24 million over 4 years which i believe brings Toronto to the end of it's budget.I don't see this as being a major improvement over Morris Peterson. I was sort of hoping they'd make a hard push for Grant Hill as I think he'd be more of a momentum push than replacing 3 point specialists. They probably weren't high on his list but Colangelo has spoiled us.At the moment it seems to look like this:C: Bargnani/NesterovicPF: Bosh/Garbajosa/HumphriesSF:Garbajosa/Kapono/JacksonSG: Parker/Dixon/DelfinoPG: Ford/CalderonI'd say Sam Mi
  8. Either way we can agree New York now has the fattest front court in the history of the NBA. When Miami plays New York the entire lane will look like a gigantic blob of chocolate pudding.Boston, never one to be outdone by a New York sports franchise, drafted Big Baby to close the Fat Forward gap.
  9. What the hell is wrong with the Celtics organization? Pierce and Allen? a pure shooter and a semi-pure shooter that both need the ball. a recipe for success. Even on the flip side, You're giving away Ray Allen for vastly inferior players and for no good reason. Its one of those things that make you go "what's the point of this?"Lakers draft another Point Guard for some reason or another. Good luck with that. Maybe they'll run the team after Kobe leaves.Atlanta should have taken Conley, but Horford is going to be a super-duper star. Portland going wacky. They pick up Francis who will not give t
  10. No I heard Kobe said he'd still want to be traded even if they got Garnett. It was when those rumors first cropped up. I know it's seemed to fall through but for him to say that shows a lot.Why the hell would you guys assume I was calling Odom a hall of fame point forward? haha.I guess that Kobe quote wasn't as wide spread as I had assumed.
  11. What are the odds of Billups signing with the Lakers? I don't think it'd be a good fit whatsoever. He'd be awful in the triangle, he's a number 1 option and it's a loaded backcourt. They'd still be stuck with the laziest front court in the NBA.But Kobe's hinted at wanting an all-star point guard and liking Chicago because of Heinrich and Billups is also a proven playoff commodity. Just tossing ideas out there. Billups is available and the Lakers are in borderline panic mode.To say that he'd still want to be traded even with a hall of famer point forward that is more talented than Pippen on his
  12. I guess if they aren't willing to build an arena then that makes sense. We'll probably see a team in Oklahoma before San Diego again but it just seems like its better for the Clippers organization to separate itself from the Lakers. It would be easier to draw talent and It would create a loyal fanbase besides billy crystal. They have nothing to lose. Like the Nets going to Brooklyn. As for the free agent thing, I'm only using it in comparison to the heartache and pain you feel as a fan of bad markets. Nobody's ever threatened retirement if they were traded to a Southern California team. Peopl
  13. I love this idea. I think it helps mediocre teams the most. The Minnesota's and the like. The teams that are just consistently average. That way you don't get punished for winning 35 games in a good draft year. You may end up seeing teams try to tank out of the playoffs if they have the 8th seed, which is pretty awful... But playoff ticket price revenue and the hope it gives a team and the natural ego of professional athletes to win should avoid it on most years (Golden State for example. They'd be racking up a 90% chance at the first pick with all the years out of the playoffs. But look at th
  14. Yeah..Ever notice how the Padres and Chargers never have problems luring free agents? Or the Dodgers or Angels.the Clippers used to be in San Diego right? I think it'd be in their best interest to go back.
  15. ....To Magic to Kobe. He must realize what he's a part of. 24 (and presumably 8?) are going to be hanging next to 33, and 32 and 13. This isn't like Karl Malone or Patrick Ewing or something. The man has 3 rings. Being anything other than a life-long Laker to me seems like its ruining the aura of being a hall of famer. That's something none of us could possibly understand though. Until San Diego gets another Basketball team he's playing in the most coveted market in professional sports. You have to respect him for wanting to win that badly. Even more so after you've been to the midwest in Feb
  16. penalizing them for it would be a good idea, but can't be done. That's why I said nothing could be done about it "officially." Maybe a fan boycott or something but that's not very likely either.If you start penalizing them for it you end up with the same problem you have in soccer when players dive. Some teams just suck and sometimes players actually do get hurt. If you institute some sort of penalty, you're basically awarding people for hurting you. Faking injuries or even benching players for phantom/minor injuries is sleazy and the coachesshould have some kind of shame about it.
  17. The system doesn't reward tanking. Besides Cleveland I don't remember the last time the worst time got the first pick. Boston tanked and were punished by lost ticket revenue. They only got the 5th pick. Until we can somehow quantify karma, there's no way to stop teams from torturing their fanbase for a minor odds increase. At least not officially through the league. As far as the post-season goes, its a little bit of an overreaction to make any drastic change. I find the NHL system interesting... I don't see it working in the NBA though.
  18. If something happens I want it to happen soon so this off-season isn't flooded with it. Plus it'll be easier for Lakers fans. Quick like a bandaid.
  19. Carlos Delfino traded to the Raptors for future picks.I'm happy about this. Besides his physical skills, he's the prototypical Raptor: Young, lots of international experience and foreign as hell. He speaks Spanish and Italian, if he can learn Serbian he'll fit right in. I think this basically says that they're not going to resign Mo-Pete. the Swing positions are already cramped with Parker, Dixon (more swing guard) and Luke Jackson and now Delfino.
  20. Do you not find something pimpalicious about practice 3's?I think it was a little classless to boo during the other team's award ceremony instead of just going home but I imagine any city would. Why did they do it on the floor exactly instead of the locker room?
  21. Congratulations to the Spurs. They were basically ignored all year long as is customary and unfortunately for them, they're not very popular with the average viewer. I know its a pretty unpopular team even to the people that posted in this forum all year. I predicted they would win once Dallas lost game 1 to GS.As for the Cavs, I just don't get it. I said earlier that it was a stain on Brown if he lets LeBron take jumper after jumper after jumper.Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, even Dirk Nowitzki and now LeBron James. These are huge people with inside games that fall in love with their jumpers. T
  22. You didn't watch the game? My goodness. Saying "come on, its LeBron" isn't impressive enough just yet.Cavs defense wasn't good. It was better than before in keeping Parker out of the lane but ANYTHING would have been better then before. Gibson (which I will continue to call him) is a rookie and if your ability to win a championship is riding on the shoulders of a specialist shooter then I'd be worried. That's like the Spurs saying "We lost because Robert Horry only scored 2 points"Like I said in my last post, you weren't going to get an in-the-act call under any circumstance right there. Its t
  23. LeBron James with the clutch pass to a hustle rebounder, followed by the clutch missed catch-and-shoot with 6 full seconds on the clock. Its like Jordan is right in front of our eyes!!!!Highlights of the night:-Jeff Van Gundy saying James needs to take more jump shots. Tracy McGrady's problems make all too much sense now.-The refs missing an intentional foul. I think if they called it, it wouldn't have been in the act of shooting, even though it might have been. James was still on his feet so in that situation you likely wouldn't get awarded with 3 free throws on a bang-bang call. -2 points ov
  24. Only because the Suns would let the Cavs score ;)The Spurs have been entertaining this finals and expectedly dominant offensively and especially defensively. The problem isn't the Spurs, its the Cavs. Cavs highlight play of the night? LeBron's uncontested dunk while being down by 20. The only other benefit from a Suns v. Cavs finals is that ESPN wouldn't have to pull out the James melodrama and disgusting Jordan references because there would be a story line the American public could care about. Which is unfortunate. The Spurs are such a great team over the last decade and I don't understand w
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