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  1. I'm not into the whole milled-corn cereal scene.
  2. I find it irresponsible to compare the freedom to exist to the freedom to file joint income tax and religious symbolic gestures. Its a lot like people that compare everything to Hitler. It cheapens the act.World Poker Tour release forms are a lot like cotton farm slavery.......
  3. I can't believe they brought DOYLE BRUNSON back for another season of High Stakes Poker. Give the poor man a break.Can't the producers tell he's dying out there? He might even start to think people aren't just chip dumping to him to make him feel better.
  4. Male dolphins routinely gang-rape female dolphins.
  5. There's just not enough physical evidence to prove the existence of a metaphysical world.
  6. At least Phil Hellmuth only gets mouthy when he loses. Taunting someone to that degree when you win is embarrassing to watch.I mean who's he going to be putting on tilt there? The guy was eliminated and can't defend himself on another hand.
  7. I admit they tend to walk on thin ice, but its a very big character builder to have to fight the way they are. Especially with the depth being tested. I don't see this game as close with TJ in the first string. They beat Milwaukee, Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia this month and none of those games were close. Tonight is another one of those inbetween games where if they lose it, its a total momentum kill and if they win it by a small margin they'll be exhausted.Its been a busy week but hopefully Calderon and Parker continue to step up for one more game.
  8. Another good performance. We're on a great surge right now. I think that Hornets game may be the turning point for the remainder of the season. Over 500 all the way to the end How about Bosh starting in the all-star game? Hopefully Toronto gets some big wins, Bosh has a big game in Vegas and he'll be on the map for good. This is what I hate when people say Vernon Wells is invisible because he plays in Canada. Everybody knew who Vince Carter was. Bosh is becoming a superstar even in the States.If you play well and the team performs well it doesn't matter what market you're in you'll get notic
  9. Livaso


    Islam acknowledges Christ as the "Anoited One" or Al-Masih (Messiah) and consider the Virgin Mary the holiest person to ever live. They also consider his teachings to be direct messages from God. And that he will return again to defeat evil on earth as described in Revelation.While I understand your position, like I said, the difference between Christianity and Judaism is far greater than Christianity and Islam. I say that only because of the particular relationship between Judaism and Christianity that isn't acknowledged between other branches (even small ones) of Abrahamic faith.When Jesus s
  10. Livaso


    Muslims and Christians have much more in common than they realize. Especially when it comes to things like the Dajjal.Its a major branch of the Abrahamic faiths, has the same view of the world as the Abrahamic faiths and follows the same progression of history as the Abrahamic faiths. The difference between Christianity and Judaism is greater than the difference between Christianity and Islam. Modern, temporary mortal disputes will have a devastating effect on one of the more philosophically exciting religions in the world. If Christianity couldn't persevere the dark ages the world would have
  11. I'm both.I agree with him. Although I find the one-liners kind of funny
  12. my first royal flush was worth 4 bucks
  13. Its almost certainly revolutionary. At least to usI love it and it works amazingly well against intermediate players. I think Daniel might regret spilling the beans on this strategy in the future. Just like Brunson regretted spilling the beans on aggression. I'm putting it on the same par as aggression in terms of the kind of changes it could make to poker approach. I don't want to get into a sample size argument or anything, but I find using this strategy in MTT to be effortless. Like it comes naturally. Its hard online because you have to put too much trust on your instincts, and I've been
  14. At worst its 2-players-to-a-hand.Mike Matusow was completely convinced. And he was just telling Sammy what he thought. Its greasy as hell but i think that's all it is.
  15. "Mike and Tony are like those two muppets in the balcony."
  16. I think it all goes back to him sucking out Phil Ivey when Phil Ivey was in a serious groove that year. Plus the rookie internet player mystique coupled with just common main-event winner dissing.He doesn't seem nearly as bad as people make him out to be unlike Gold who looks out of his league on every table he plays.Either way anybody who plays poker or watches poker owes him a debt of gratitude. He made celebrities out of card players.
  17. I was sweating the Card Player updates and lurking the thread most of the day yesterday. It was pretty exciting. Good luck.
  18. I lurked these forums for a very long time but your latest blog entry forced me to register so I could reply.John Juanda was asked a question along these lines once on a Full Tilt chat. And his reaction was "Poker isn't always the most fulfilling career..." And considering he's a millionaire he obviously didn't mean financially. Poker tends to be an inherently vain game. And unfortunately it can lead to bad habits in the rest of our lives. Its always important to maintain our egos.I could just relate so much to your blog entry. I started this year playing professionally. I wanted to do it for
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