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  1. LeBron James is going to average a triple double at some point in his career. A nasty one too like 35-15-10 or some such non sense. Also the game against Detroit answered the "Lakers without Kobe, Cavs without LeBron, which is worse?" question once and for all.

  2. A pulled groin kind of sucks but I'm optimistic that he'll still be a useful body for this weekend. If LeBron doesn't play against us on Friday, I'd give him the day off or limited minutes. As for Bargnani's knee on knee, that's a pisser but if it were the playoffs and a close game he'd have come back. I might be overly optimistic but it doesn't seem like huge big time injuries. Plus Ford will be back and probably in the second string. I'd love to watch Eric Snow try to stay in front of TJ. I was away so couldn't comment on Moon's 15(?)pt, 9 rb, 3 steal and 6 block game.Its fathomable for him to get a 5 by 5 this year. He had 2 blocks in the first 3 minutes against Memphis. Has a rookie ever done a 5 by 5?

  3. Dwight Howard is a beast. Both in performance and physique. He looks like Shaq before Shaq realized he only needed 1/3 the effort to still be unstoppable.Also Dwight's a really nice guy. Just like Kevin Garnett. You're glad to see them do well.

  4. Ford is more of a homer pick than Bosh.How do you have Adridge in there over Yao or Duncan?
    Ford's averaging 13 ppg and 8 assists so far. Kidd could take the other guard spot maybe but until Wade is in full swing and Arenas starts playing better I think Ford should be there. I consciously picked Alridge over Duncan because he's having a good year so far and Duncan could be doing better.But I forgot about Yao :club:
  5. Its early but luckily you can vote more than once so these picks might change by the time of the all-star break.Mine:EASTF - Bosh (homer pick, LeBron is having a great year)F - GarnettG - FordG - RichardsonC - Howard [shaq will win it no matter what]WestF - AnthonyF - BoozerG - McGradyG - KobeC - Aldridge

  6. I think Marion + Barbosa is better than Kobe in term of Phoenix's dynamics, especially since Barbosa sort of gives instant offense off the bench. And that doesn't solve Phoenix's problems with San Antonio. But people don't really ever seem to look at it that way.Edit: The more I think about it though, Kobe + anybody is enough to be one of the best teams in the entire league. He would definitely improve their defense.

  7. Anybody remember that movie with Dan Akroyd and Damon Wayans where Larry Bird is like "I hate you fair weather fans"You're making Larry Bird angry. Don't make Larry Bird angry.Last years team wasn't shitty. Al Jefferson was incredible and fun to watch and an all around nice guy much in the vain of Kevin Garnett. Not in style but in work ethic.They just lost a bunch and tanked for Oden. If they had scrapped hard like Portland did maybe they'd have been in Portland's spot of the lottery. The whole thing was pretty ironic and great at the time, really.Also, don't blame Kevin McHale (well blame him but I have a point coming here) blame the Sonics for not demanding Al Jefferson for Ray Allen. That trade was so bad for both teams it just made no sense at all. Without Garnett that's a perimeter team with Perkins as your star inside guy. McHale is still stupid for making the trade but he got a great big man out of it and those are hard to come by.

  8. Bargnani is averaging 20 and 6 so far in 2 games. He's officially the Raptors C and will put up numbers like that all year. Book it.
    Well now don't I feel silly.He put up good numbers against the magic once he got going but he started the game a little slow.He's officially coming off the bench again. They're just starting out sooo slow and that's what's hurting them. 3 games in a row now where they've shot under 30% in the first quarter. that's got to change and having the bigger Nesterovic on the block to start the game will at least open up some inside-outside movement even if he doesn't put up any numbers
  9. I'm surprised with the play of Atlanta. But we all remember how they started last year and how fast they came to earth. They'll be a good team this year but not the team Hollinger predicted they'd be.The Hornets are going to be the surprise team of the year in my opinion. They're in the hardest division in basketball but they might beat out the clippers or the Lakers for the 8 seed if Kobe goes. Charlotte is looking good too. I'm so excited about basketball this year. There's not too many easy win games anymore.

  10. Ray Allen just hit the three to win it in OT as I type this.It was a messy game and Celtics defense was incredible on the Raps. Considering they were able to do what they did with nothing falling for them is impressive.The Raptors stood toe to toe with the team who was supposed to win the east before their first game and pushed it to the last shot. Hopefully the basket looks a mile wide after this game and they go on a nice run of wins

  11. I used to not like him at all either until a 2 summers ago I read a story about how he had a realization that he was going down the wrong path of being fat and happy (metaphorically and literally). He worked himself to exhaustion every day and decided he wanted to be the best basketball player he could be and not be one of those guys that wasted his potential. Ever since then all I hear about is how hard he works.
    He still sucker punches guys then runs away :club: Just kidding though. I respect that in athletes (the working hard part not the sucker punch part)
  12. Celtics-Raptors on CBC in an hour.This is a good barometer for Toronto. Bosh may be the only person athletic enough to play Garnett one on one and vice versa. Hopefully they take each other out of the game and Toronto's depth can nudge its way through.If the Raptors lose nobody would be surprised but if they win they'll have to be taken very seriously in the East.

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