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  1. hellmuth's main section in his first book is limit holdem cash games. there's nearly 100 pages on it and only 30 about NL.
  2. could be that daniel loves to praise harmon and loves to berate hellmuth. oh well, just pointing out that his descriptions of the two books seemed to contradict themselves. looking forward to his power poker book or whatever it's called.
  3. please show me where i said anything about slowplay. i mentioned nothing about the play of the hand.
  4. lol, did you even read this thread? reread DN's post where he clearly states few people if any(meaning around 0-3) play better postflop than he does. then read the post one or two down where a fan states maybe only phil ivey plays better. reading your last statement makes absolutely no sense. when did i ever suggest strategy? judging by your reply my guess is i won't be seeing you at MY table anytime soon. good luck trying to get there. my guess is you'll need more than your share.
  5. guys, i know we all love DN, that's why we're here. but i think a lot of you overestimate his playing ability. i think the fact that he only puts in like 15-20 cash game sessions a year is really bringing him back down to the median. saying perhaps only phil ivey is the better post flop player than this guy is rediculous. i'm sure there are much much more than a handful of online pros that would own daniel pretty good in the long run. as evidence see how joe cassidy handled him in their hu session. antonious crushed him online. well you might argue his game is NL. we've all seen his re
  6. SS2: "If you play limit hold'em at all, the section on limit hold'em written by Jennifer Harman is worth the price of the book alone. Jennifer goes into great detail how to isolate your opponents by using the three bet as well as position."PPLTP: "I truly believe that if you read this book and follow the principals closely it could help you advance in tournament poker. However, try these same principals and you basically have no chance for success in cash games.The book stresses brute aggression and isolation tactics that are simply ineffective in most cash games."
  7. ps matt woodward is the guy dn played one night under the dreamclown account. remember when daniel said he was a class act and much better than the real dreamclown. it's in one of his blogs somewhere.
  8. from barrygreenstein.comEight hands before the end of Day 2 in 2003, I drew out on Sammy and he got up from the table. He thought he was busted, but he had 5,000 more than I had. (80,000 was average at that point.) He said, “I’m leaving. I can’t do anything with 5,000.” I said, “Sammy, sit down and take a shot.” Sammy went all-in in the dark on the next two hands and doubled up each time. Of the last eight hands played at our table that night, Sammy was all-in before the flop on seven of them. He ended the second day with 58,000. Of course, Sammy went on to become famous as he cashed out $1.3
  9. 1. phil ivey: cash game god, tournament champ, andy beal spanker2. david benyamine: seems to be killing the biggest game as of late3. patrick antonious: tournament champ, mahatma slayer, holdem phenom, and plays in biggest PLO games in europe4. ted forrest: wins NLHE tournaments, beats the best in holdem when it's supposed to be his weakness, and is probably the best stud player on the planet5. barry greenstein: consistent cash game and tournament playeri thought about putting chip reese in there somewhere, but frankly i just haven't heard anything about him lately. don't know if he
  10. if you raise often from sb a good hu player will 3 bet you often from bb. this is something you will have to deal with.
  11. there is a semi interesting hand i posted of my match vs XWA at neverwin's ask dandruff section. let me seach PT and see if i can find a few more. he's not crazy like this guy, so not much will blow you away.
  12. i find it hard to counter this all out strategy. i miss flop far too often. when i hit flop i lost far too often, mostly on the river to this particular opponent. if i called down with AK i'd lose. when he called down with Q5 his Q on river would win. anyone know how to successfully counter a maniac like this? he payed me off plenty when i hit my hands. i would check raise with any pair on flop and he'd call down with A high, K high and Q high. but he runner runnered me far too often and hit a ton of rivers. even with all this luck i still think i should have pulled out ahead. i cons
  13. i actually beat X-W-A 2 nights ago at 50/100 and yet i couldn't beat a donk at 10/20 who consistently played this strong:Texas Hold'em $10-$20 (Real Money), #103,534,558 Table DumplinMastr's HE, 9 Feb 2006 3:51 AM ET ANTES/BLINDS DumplinMastr posts blind ($5), emineric posts blind ($10). PRE-FLOP DumplinMastr bets $15, emineric bets $20, DumplinMastr bets $20, emineric calls $10. FLOP [board cards 3C,AH,7C ] emineric bets $10, DumplinMastr bets $20, emineric bets $20, DumplinMastr bets $20, emineric calls $10. TURN [board cards 3C,AH,7C,10D ] emineric bets $20, DumplinMastr bets $40, emineric
  14. i believe you bro, wouldn't surprise me one bit. him and his girl seemed shady on that first road rules /real world battle of the seasons. should we hire the miz to rough him up?mizfit for life!
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