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  1. I've read the comments so far. It doesn't matter to me whether you are a listener to the OandA show, or any other radio show. Im just letting the word out about how our freedom of speech is under attack. You may be a fan of the OandA show or not. That doesnt matter to me. What matters to me is the government sticking their noses in every little thing that matters LEAST. Instead of focusing on the shape of our nation, they want to focus on things like this. They want to take any kind of entertainment like this and force it out. You may say the government has nothing to do with it. Actu
  2. Im sure you all have heard whats going on with O&A. If you would like to help here is a few things you can do to helpFirst JOIN http://peopleagainstcensorship.org/Here is a list of things you can do to help O&A in their time of need. Please do all of these things, then do them again, then find away to get 100 other people to do them!!!!!!!!!!1. CANCEL YOUR XM SUBSCRIPTION!!!! IF YOU CANCEL, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU NOT TAKE THE 30 FREE DAYS OR THE 3 FREE MONTHS. YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY STATEMENT AT ALL IF TAKE THE 30 DAYS. Do not smash your radios yet. Wait. We'll come
  3. sometimes you just have to play whats dealt to you.
  4. Its my debit card, which is a visa, thats what I use, so no im not broke, thanks
  5. Hasnt some people been getting hacked like that?
  6. I have been trying to deposit in my Neteller with my Visa debit/credit and it keeps declining. I have talked to two live chat people and no help. The first one told me to use Instacash but Im totally against that. The second one told me this: " Some credit card companies do not process transactions to NETELLER due to the nature of many of our merchants. Currently VISA and Mastercard are the only credit cards that work with NETELLER, however, only a small percentage of cards work with our processors. This can occur even if your credit card has worked in the past." Does anyone have any sugge
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