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  1. http://promotions.fulltiltpoker.com/promot...ble/winners.phpIf you're on this page, the money should be in your account.
  2. We're getting a lot of traffic as people download the update, but if you keep trying, it seems to be working for everyone eventually. Please let me know if it continues to fail.We worked on the graphics and fonts, so hopefully the resized tables look and perform better.
  3. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put an end to this pool, as it is in clear violation of Full Tilt player to player transfer policies.Just kidding, $200 shipped to Grinder. Please send the group password to doug at fulltiltpoker.com.
  4. Also worth noting, if you don't finish in time, whatever you have earned will be paid out at expiration.
  5. It's just like the Palms, except everyone is 25 years older.
  6. For what it's worth, Howard later admitted that he made a mistake when he said it was equally likely that Daniel held a 6 or an Ace.That's one of the risks you take commentating on a live broadcast...
  7. Good point!You get $2,000 starting chips, AND we added a 10/20 level!
  8. For example:Tonight's jackpot starts at $10,000. Let's say 800 people play each tournament.Someone will get 2% of the jackpot for best average finish. 2% of $10,000 is $200.A bunch of people will split 3% for cashing in both tournaments. 3% of $10,000 is $300.If someone makes both final tables, they will get 20%, but let's assume that doesn't happen tonight.Jackpot started at $10,000, and we're paying out 5% ($500) of it.$1,600 will be added to tomorrow night's jackpot, or $1 from everyone who played in a tournament tonight.So tomorrow night's jackpot will be $9,500 + $1,600 = $11,100. The
  9. Good question GWC, but you only get a piece of the jackpot for cashing in both tournaments in the same night.Good luck,Doug
  10. I don't want to dilute this thread with it, but I'd be glad to talk about it elsewhere.The statement is pretty unfair. First of all, no players on our site were scammed. A player had his Pokerstars account hacked, and the hacker negotiated a Stars for Full Tilt Transfer to launder the money. A legit high stakes player received $25,000 on Stars and sent $25,000 to a Full Tilt Account, where the hacker proceeded to play high stakes and negotiate more transfers to his Neteller account.We are actively investigating the case, and I've personally been in contact with the victim, even though he's
  11. We do plan to get a bigger buy-in Daily Double in Astros. I guess that makes it a twice-daily double?For now, I suggest last longer bets on the side, or bets that use the highest average finish metric.
  12. Some people have sent in e-mails already, so I thought I would explain how the jackpot works to clear up confusion. For details and daily updates on the jackpot, you can go to http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/dd Every night at 9:00pm and 9:02pm EST, there will be two $10+$2 tournaments on Full Tilt. The juice is $2 because $1 of every entry goes into the jackpot for the next night. Playing in both of them makes you eligible for our Daily Double Jackpot, which is starting at $10,000 tonight. To get a piece of that jackpot, you can: -Win both tournaments and get 75% -Make two final tables and get 20
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