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  1. The bet WAS rather weak. Perhaps villain wanted to bluff but lacked the stones to make an actual useful bet. The turn check makes sense.And wasn't it you that said ealier that online poker players are worse than you think?
  2. Totally agree with Zach. I'm a fold. Srsly, though, I would usually take the heads up shot and complete from the SB... but 24o, given an aggressive villain, IS a rather weak hand that needs to hit the flop pretty hard, because a bluffed flop bet will not shake villain. Your call on whether to play it or not.Also, betting half the pot isn't a strong bet against a single opponent postflop. You probably need to pot-bet the flop if you're gonna bet, unless you have the nuts and want to tempt your opponent to raise.Also, online poker is full of pricks. Don't take their crap too hard. Howeve
  3. I've got to play Dr Doom again: villain's play is totally weak tight and his river raise screams QK to me. He made a not-even-half-assed flop bet, checked the turn and likely got his card on the river. As played, I'd cede the hand (though I can totally see calling the bet and forcing him to show down a winner), but really, you should've raised the flop, as that likely knocks this villain off the hand.The river is way too late to hit tptk unless you're certain the villain was chasing a draw he missed or is bluffing. Hands are often made well before this point, and tptk often isn't enough. F
  4. The thing with the patience factor is that it's main purpose is to determine the ideal tournaments with which to play the PTF style, along with other factors like the estimated time to reach the final table. A tournament with a higher patience factor will be better suited to using PTF than one with a lower patience factor. And if the factor's too low, the tournament format simply is not beatable for anyone with skill, a total luckfest.After that, the formula's strategy basically depends, like Harrington's M, on your stack size relative to the blinds. The only differnece I note is that it wi
  5. Not meant to be personal. Just sayin.
  6. 1. What's your read on the SB? Reads matter.2. Underpair that didn't really hit a straight draw flop. Easy fold.3. Low pair with no draw. Easy fold.Also, if you're concerned about appearing passive, you probably have been playing passive, and your villains probably believe they can push you off pots. I also notice these hands are all from the exact same position, and that the button is the villain in the last two hands. I can't imagine he doesn't have a read on you. On all three hands, the villain went over the top of you during the flop. It's likely the button saw you pushed off the
  7. Given you're this short and your reads don't indicate villain has a premium hand here, you really need to push. If he turns over a monster, so be it, but you're up against the wall here and this is likely one of the best starting hands you'll see between now and the end.
  8. If we're that short and first-in from the button, we may as well push.Though if you're in this sort of position frequently enough to ask the question, I think you have a much bigger general dilemma than how to play A4o on the button vs the blinds.
  9. Not a fan of the EP limp with a hand one probably shouldn't play EP to begin with. If you're gonna represent something better, you need to raise preflop from EP as if you have something better.
  10. 1. Yes2. No3. No, and your tournament odds are even worse. Fold.1. Give multiple callers, completing from the SB with a suited pocket isn't a bad call.2. This probe-sized lead telegraphs weakness and invites a push or a huge raise, even if one can argue that villain pushes regardless. A lead of half the pot serves the same purpose and doesn't appear nearly as weak. Hindsight says that, as played, it was the best move since the smart play at this point is to fold.3. You have, IIRC, 12 outs here, the 9 other diamonds plus 3 other 8's (since we can't count 8d twice), out of 32 remaining car
  11. Yep, and of those, the only hand I see being consistent with the betting is TT, and what are the odds he has that rather than an overpair? Call.
  12. I'm not sure possible straight draws would raise or call a cap bet preflop, no matter how bad they suck at poker. Maybe at a play money 10/20 table.What I'd be concerned about is TT, KK and AA, all of which likely would, and all of which have you beat. So does 9x though like the straight draws, not sure what 9x would have raised or called cap preflop, other than the highly unlikely 99.Much like the others, I'm cool with c/cing from the turn forward.
  13. This is an interesting rule that I'll keep in mind, if this comes up at my next tourney. I never knew, and clearly, neither do most people! Good to know.
  14. I play way too many hands, people say. The books also say this. But I also take down way too many pots. :bubble_lol:Before all these books and forums came out, players learned through trial and error. Road to recovery? Maybe you're on the road to GENIUS.
  15. Yyyyyyeah, either your hand or the flop has the wrong suit for the Q and 10.But yeah, check/call the river. If the villain didn't flop a flush draw or two pair, then you got donked. If I had to guess, he had two diamonds (maybe the 3rd Qd and 3rd Td, LOL) and A3.
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