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  1. Basics is that you get to see what people do before you make your decision, thus in later position, you can raise more hands, or make more bluffs, as you have the added info, that the other player checked, therefore may not have anything, or seems weak.
  2. Same to you. Hopefully we ship #1 and #2, in no specific order.
  3. Sunday has been bleh so far.I'm only in the $163 50k on tilt, and just had vtlaxer move into position on me, and the $55 rebuy on stars, where tehtoe has position on me.
  4. I'm in the FTP $109 18KSunday warmupStars 109 50kUndecided beyond that, but feel I am shipping today.
  5. Congrats. I saw you as chip leader early on the 50/50, and watched you just destroy your tables for a while. Great job.
  6. Brutal beat, but congrats on a good cash.
  7. 8600 at break of mini main. Slowplayed a set, flush draw on flop, two flush draws on turn, including the one the bb had, so lost 13k or so before break.
  8. 14,725 in Mini main event.Busted Big main event thanks to thisFull Tilt Poker Game #12279835467: FTOPS Main Event (84235131), Table 192 - 30/60 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:54:31 ET - 2009/05/17Seat 1: Hoss022 (5,178)Seat 2: ONETIME0 (2,444)Seat 3: zdub79 (18,340)Seat 4: Goldenboys (8,100)Seat 5: divanych (11,827)Seat 6: viperucla (8,275)Seat 7: rkruok (2,365)Seat 8: zizou444 (12,200)Seat 9: donnysack (8,121)ONETIME0 posts the small blind of 30zdub79 posts the big blind of 60The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hoss022 [8c 8d]Goldenboys raises to 120divanych foldsviperucla foldsrkruok
  9. And out of KO, AQ < K 9. Another flush draw sweat right off the flop.
  10. 8k in Regular KO, hanging on barely.
  11. 6339 at break of $129 KOWaiting for Ftops ME, and Mini ME.
  12. I found it odd that Jesse was fired in final 3 for not being a good fundraiser, and then it seemed as if there wasn't as much importance on it this task. Annie clearly crushed Joan on this portion of the task, while the areas in which Joan beat Annie were much more comparably close IMO. Perhaps could have been structured better such as ranking each category out of 10, and going with an overall score.
  13. Possibly in the $100 rebuyDepends on my mood, and how many I have left going
  14. Can anybody recommend the best sites for buying T$?Quick and reliable.
  15. Not interested in many events, and the first ones I can play are around the last weekend, so not sure if I will even get 2-3 in. Gl to anyone who plays.
  16. FTP$75 KO, $109, possibly the $75 (22.5k) at 4 pmStars$109 50k, possibly the $55 (200k) at 3pm, and the $55 (100k) at 5 pmNot as many as most, but happy to have weekends off as it's the first full weekend off since January for me.
  17. If you have never deposited, or played for real money, you can still sign up with a new account, using a new email address.You should remove the software, and cookies in this case, then follow the instructions. I use raketherake, which is a fairly good site, and would be happy to refer you if you are still eligible.
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