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  1. Not sure if 10-20 is the highest, I have heard of games Friday/Saturday nights with 5 digit pots often, so I'm guessing they might run even bigger games in Fallsview. Either way, fallsview is the higher no limit games (but has everything down to 1-2), and casino niagara is only the lower games. Last time I went was a Wednesday, and they had 3 5-5 tables going at 11 pm, with a 5-10 playing as well, but I think that the 5-10 broke up sometime during the night (was down to a 1-2, and 5-5, and one other table by the morning), so yes there are 5-10 games during the week I believe. Can't comment
  2. Not so much. Signed up for an account back in the day, had trouble getting money on there at the time, so never put any money on and never played a hand. According to full tilt, I can't sign up a new account, so I can't get rakeback.
  3. Sweet. Now if only I could get rakeback there, Stars would have a bit of competition for my play.
  4. Good luck.Dirty beat AK < KQ.Almost another dirty beat the next hand. Keep playing well, and hopefully you're luck will be better very soon.
  5. Gotta pick Tifa on this one. Been a while since I've played that game.
  6. Gl Troy.Your doing great this far. I unfortunately busted 19th, (AQ < AJ on the river) and only really sat with about 3 of the remaining players earlier.No real read on spearemen2.Kamododragon seems to possibly raise a bit more, but still fairly solid.Kolobokk seems to switch his game up well from tight to raising more often, and back. Played very solid, seemed to mostly raise better hands.
  7. Myself, just because with friends they will usually want to go after 2-4 hours due to busting out or being tired.
  8. Joined not long ago, but have lurked for a few months.
  9. Thanks guys. Don't really mind that I gave up TLB points there, as I probably don't play enough big tourneys to make a dent in anything more than a weekly TLB. This was actually a rare tourney for me playing at those stakes, as I normally play a bit lower, so this was a shot, and it turned out quite well.Thanks to FCP for all the support throughout the final table.
  10. Damn gave him the rope and everything with AA in sb
  11. Indeed. Hoping that situation arises.
  12. Thanks for the compliment. Figured that last hand, I was either up against two overs, or an under pair, he seemed quite reluctant to call, and I figured he was very well steaming as well.
  13. Thanks for the stats boxing, seems to match up well with my reads on the others.
  14. Yeah. Not too sure what to think about supertuan with a big stack now, changes things a bit, but going to try to stay semi solid.
  15. Yep, Rizen WAS there.Need to make a move here soon now. Got a decent read on about 4 players at the table, so hopefully that will help me out.
  16. Tourney #398253065/8 - 1st is $9400Hoping I don't donk it up. Lost half my stack on a good call KA suited < K 10 off
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