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  1. Anything on the cake network, or anything on the merge network. Link in my sig is the rakeback site I use, and shows a USA flag beside all sites that are USA friendly.
  2. Dirty sequence to finish, but nice cash.
  3. Good luck. You have been doing awesome this year.
  4. Much better timing for the accounting community. Might play a tourney or two this go around.
  5. Good luck to everyone doing this.
  6. Nice job buddy. You are really killing it lately.
  7. Way to go Gibler. Incredibly awesome accomplishment.
  8. So sick that after this, he still won't be able to play most of the bigger tournaments for a while due to his age.
  9. So I recall reading in another topic, is this Gibler's 1st real major, and 2nd live tournament?
  10. Exciting coming home and seeing Gibler is heads up. Win this plz.
  11. Poor John Duthie. AA < QQ for chiplead
  12. As Kurt said, consider dealt method vs. contributed. If you are playing full ring, tight then dealt would be the best to look for. Overall the percentages won't become as huge a factor. I would also consider looking at the extra incentives that are offered for the specific site from the rakeback site. For example, with the site in my sig, you may also qualify for a monthly freeroll hosted by the site, which is $30,000 prizepool on full tilt. This can be a nice extra boost to your bankroll to cash in one of these. In addition, if you are a high volume player at at least medium stakes, you
  13. I've heard the 1k is sold out already. Good luck to anybody playing in anything.
  14. I'd have to go with full tilt, because as you mentioned, you will get it as you go. Plus I find full tilt to be a softer site to play on for cash than stars.I would make sure you pick a good rakeback site for it, although every site offers the same 27 %, there are other things that are offered by sites that will differ. If you need a rakeback site, I recommend raketherake (link to the site in my sig). They have always been good when I've used them, pay once a week for full tilt (I prefer this over anytime you choose because it means you can't just blow your roll, get the money while you are
  15. I use moneybookers, although if you are American you cannot use it. If however you aren't, chances are you can. It is a site that works as an online wallet, so I pay to moneybookers using either a credit card, or bank debit card, and from there I have money on the site. Then using moneybookers, I can deposit to a site, and when I withdraw from a site it goes back to the moneybookers. It is generally accepted at all sites I have seen. However, if you are American, I am not sure, so defer to an American poster what would be the best method.
  16. I might play one or two, but depends on how much live poker I play over the next couple of weeks.
  17. AS recommended before, I think full tilt is a good option, as it has 27 % rakeback, which is the max you can get anywhere. Rakeback is a cut of the rake that you pay. As mentioned, if the rake is $1, and you are 1 of 10 players, your contribution is 10 cents, and 27 % of that would come back to you, or 2.7 cents. It is something you can get for lifetime, and on full tilt, it is done via the dealt hand method, meaning, even if you fold, you still get an even cut. Some sites offer contributed where you have to put money into the pot to earn any rakeback. As far as a rakeback site, I would r
  18. They say that $1-2 NL live is equivalent to about 5 cent 10 cent NL online. In order to win as much at $100 NL online you would have to be playing a few tables at once and the game will be tougher overall than the live game would be. Getting rakeback on the site you are playing on would certainly help towards making the equivalent to the live game, but still, based on a good win rate online, you still would need a couple tables at once to get the equivalent to the live game.Live however, you are expected to tip the dealers once in a while, as well as tipping the servers for drinks, but you
  19. Out of ftops me, JJ < AQ.GL to all left.
  20. Ftops ME: 8350Started the hour at 8100, took a nosedive all hour before doubling with KK 3 hands before break.
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