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  1. Hi chrozzo,It was until the name was changed. Im depositing 500 RBPts* and $50 in bonus money* into your bucket.*bonus points only good in the bucketstore until 8/12/07 bonus money has no cash value and will be taken away if we change bucket sites. See CharterBucket site for details before we go bankrupt
  2. Hi PACTinfo2 and Sickinfo2,You both suck.Regards,
  3. Hi ricker,I dont suppose that you'd hook me up with the kettle, would you?I had to quit pot. Its hard for me to handleGET IT????HANDLE!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!(COUGH COUGH COUGH!)HAHAHAHAHA!!!!(lights cigarette)(cough cough cough)hahahahaha(clears throat)haI thought it was funnyIm gonna bail now
  4. It's already been done.
  5. Tell me about it.My thread changed its name too....To yellow of all things!
  6. Hi hank213,The quality of the Redbucket merchandise is some of the best in the industry. Sometimes, pics that are downloaded several times from a host site loses their "sharpness" and overall quality. The bucket that you recieved is the same one in my avatar and is the same model that can be obtained in the RDB store. Keep in mind that Mr. Icewater is just serving community service with our organization in the shipping department until December 09. I suspect that the extra hole in the side was caused by the UPS in transit to your house. Please file a complaint ASAP with them for the damages.In
  7. I'd like to thank everybody that has taken the time to sign up for RedBucketPoker. Our resident expert, Mr. tna4ever has taken over as the tourney director as of this week. Please note the upcoming promotions in his lastest update:
  8. Hi RDB members,I was sent a disturbing e-mail by a member of the thread today. It seems that several of you all have questions and/or comments about the thread. I'll post the letter as sent to me, and respond to it as best I can.HEY BUCKET, I CANT STAND THIS ****** PLACE ANYMORE! THE LAST *** **** BUCKET THAT YOU SENT ME LEAKED LIKE A ****** **** ***** ITCH! WHAT THE **** ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??? IM GETTING FLAMED BY PEOPLE THAT ARENT EVEN AS FUNNY AS ME!!!! CANT YOU GET RID OF THE *** ***** TROLLS AROUND THIS PLACE??? i THINK YOU'RE MAKING MONEY FOR NOTHING AND LETTING THESE BOZOS RUN CR
  9. Hi hblask,I'm still around. I'm in the process of replacing all of the "wicked smart" folks hired in the beginning. So far, all they have been able to do is throw together a semi-retarded gimmick promotion that a third-grader could see through. I'll return randomly to keep the thread readers updated with the latest "rewards" and "promotions" as they become available.BREAKING NEWS!The first five posters to give me false hope for the money-making future of RedBucket enterprises (such as "Best support EVER!" or "You DA MAN!!!") following this informational post will recieve 4 RDB pts. for redempt
  10. Hi Redbucket supporters,Everyone participating in the RDB thread will find 10 bucket points under the pail in the users account page. Thanks for the support!*minumum of 1,573 rb points required for use in the RB store*
  11. Hi fleung22,I would have just whipped out my "I are serious bucket" pic as a get out of jail free card.
  12. To all Redbucket members,After reviewing the demand for Redbucket posts, we have made the following changes.Our Bucket points program had to be changed with our new circumstances but it's still competitive in the water carrying industry.Unfortunately the prices in the Bucket store will not decrease; we have to keep prices the same and at times increase prices to keep bringing you more variety. We offer more products to choose from than any other poker site I'm aware of.Also, keep in mind your points cover all shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc.If you have any other store related questions plea
  13. Win an ultra-exclusive seat at Redbuckets personal home poker game and play with RDB’s money.Redbucket will be coordinating a cash game in Vegas during the month of February, and YOU could earn the opportunity to join Bucky and his friends at the poker table and in the clubs during this night of VIP entertainment …and the best part is…The Redbucket thread will pay for your travel expenses and stake you some cash.One skillful winner at Redbucket.com will earn a $5 prize package that includes a trip to Las Vegas and the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a celebrity pail pro. A porti
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