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  1. You hadnt noticed the 100's of canadian jokes over and over and there not even funny!Highly annoying but great match
  2. This older commentater is an absolute wanker!!! Get rid of him
  3. WD on makin final table DN .. Looks like you will have a battle on your hands tomorrow in that seating position
  4. Dn's day 2 table is out .(Table 20)Seat 1: Raul Corral, Spain - 108825Seat 2: Kenny Hallaert, Belgium - 67000Seat 3: Mark Vargas, USA - 15450Seat 4: Roger Suter, Switzerland - 8525Seat 5: Giovanni Bigoni, Italy - 33775Seat 6: Richard Fohrenbach, USA - 37500Seat 7: Daniel Negreanu, Canada - 26475Seat 8: Josef Kollarits, Austria - 7450Honestly i hope u have a solid day of cards mate do well im backing you....
  5. its up on pokerbay ! 1st ep is pretty good!
  6. Wow just had a look at some first class pricing from sydney to LA . Prices range from $10,000 - $15,000 .Sheesh for a plane ticket!
  7. Ah excelent . Just gunna track his flight on the net , Why ? dunno im bored atm www.flightaware.comQFA11 is his flight!
  8. try to upload them to youtube if possible for all to see
  9. hahaha looks like it was a top night . Danny in his prime!!~! Anyone find that video?
  10. Hey guys , I just wanted to say wow . I think it is so great that DN is so down to earth and keen for a arvo session with some of his fans ! Totally amazing , I just wish i still lived in sydney instead of up here in Brisbane . Well if u have a spare day at the end of you tour DN come up to brisbane and i will take you to Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin's Zoo).Have fun guys snap some pics for me ...Andy
  11. Damb ! Well google is still getting a work out to try fugure what is going on down there .... There is the womans golf tourney on so that counts u out of that one .... went to all the major sites who have a whats on in sydney guide . still nothing in those dates . Hmmmmm......... think think..
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