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  1. play the lowest fixed game they're spreading when you go. you'd just play like a coward if you sat down at a no limit table.
  2. your "girlfriend" is a vapid waste of oxygen for watching that, and so are you for going along with it. If that's the only way you knew you'd get some, I feel really sorry for you. I really don't, but it's the way assholes like me can keep their conscience from surfacing.
  3. It's pretty hard to make poker into something funny and highly entertaining when it's on TV -- Gabe does a better job than anyone else.
  4. Thanks for addressing that. It was the only part of the original post that stood out to me whatsoever.
  5. Playing drunk is much worse than playing high.
  6. Indeed, all relative. It of course can be gleaned from my posts that I'm not a patient person. When I started, I learned by playing $50 NL on Party. I've never played lower, thank god.
  7. Meh. At the 'proper' stakes it would take longer to win $400 off a $100 deposit than to save up.Bonus whoring the online blackjack sites is probably also a viable option where someone could start with just $100 or $200. To me only having that as a BR is a waste of time, but we all started somewhere.
  8. Because a lot of the sites do 100% bonus up to $500 or some such low amount.Any other questions?
  9. Sure. Like I said, you're due for a good session if this is within your BR. gl.
  10. Neither are you if you keep playing against bad players....Unless the money does indeed matter, of course.
  11. Alcohol and clothes. I like dressing well and I've spent thousands over the last few months. I've also been buying too much Patron and top shelf Rum.
  12. It sounds like you really do care about the money and saying you don't is a cop out for not being able to profit against bad players.If you're playing within your BR, keep at it. The law of averages will eventually come into play and if you don't suck at poker you're probably do for a monster session.
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