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  1. Barry never runs it more than once. He wants other players to fear his bets and he thinks running it multiple times takes away from that.
  2. I tried this but Pokertracker wouldn't let me change the address. Under program file locations when i tried to change the address nothing happend. There's probably a step I'm missing.How do I fix my problem?
  3. Has anyone been able to download the games played using this beta version into their Pokertracker software. If so.. how?
  4. Dammit this thing sucks. I'd gamble with maniac but i have this knuckledhead in between us stoppin me from getting heads up. I'm willing to gamble but i don't want a total crapshoot
  5. I'm at table 1. We've had a maniac raising every hand. haven't felt like risking huge pecentages of my chips to take him on. Waiting for my spotIt's enteretaining tho.
  6. I won about 480 bucks in a $10 limit holdem rebuy/add on mtt on Pokerstars a few weeks ago. I rebought once and added on.
  7. haha i meant to post this as a reply on another thread :x
  8. This same thing happened to me tonight in a pot limit omaha mtt on Pokerstars. I noticed a penny difference between 2 payout levels. Anyway I blew through those 2 levels and made my first pot limit omaha final table and took 4th out of about 370 entants :-)
  9. Phil Hellmuth does 90 percent of the talking :-) enjoy
  10. Actually you are making 20 percent less per cash in these stud sng's because with only 8 players the prize pool is 20 percent less. And you're still paying Partypoker the same $1 fee at the 10 dollar tables. So take that into considertion when deciding how profitable they are.I have no strategy advice really but yeah these things have some horrible players. This being stud tho you are going to take some horrible bad beats. Worse than any other form of poker in my opinion. Play good cards and you can probably do ok in these.Good luck
  11. Someone please post the whole Doyle interview.
  12. This isn't the internet. You don't get alot of hands dealt. You don't want the levels shortened.
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