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  1. we...are the champions. whats the name of the song
  2. it means I am always the one taking orders and not the one giving them. I am always the one doing the dirty work like taking out the trash, cleaning the floors, doing the heavier stuff. I dont work at burger king anymore by the way, i am a student now. but I use to work at burger king and I was their bottom boy, thats why I left.
  3. that was sarcasm for those of you who are slow upstairs.
  4. if I made 10 million a year in poker, I'd still work at burger king, cuz i'm their bottom boy and I like gettin pushed around
  5. I was at riverrock casino resort and was playig 2/4, when bill gazes sat at my table across from me. I was in a pot with him, I had 10-10 and flopped a set, bill gazes had J10 and I took his money. I won I WON I WOOOON!!!I just beat a guy who made wsop/wpt final tables, does this make me a world champion now?
  6. I want to do a scotty nyguen next....baby hey hi baby, I win baby
  7. 3 tabling you're still gonna have a lot of time in between hands if your playing a full table ring game. but once it gets higher than that, it's a lot more mechanical. so you just play the cards. I multitable cause I make more money.
  8. I always assumed that QFT is "quit fccking talking" and FYP is "fcck your post"
  9. everyone knows how badly he did on poker superstars, so I made fun of him in this video: (I am not from the south, thats why my southern accent attempt is weak)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSmo0LZnnp0
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