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  1. hes an awesome poker player, doesnt matter if he is tight or not, he just made the final table at lapc and won the nbc heads up.. people can stop calling him a one hit wonder.
  2. that is pretty dumb of AB, but what im wonderin is, why are you such a big fan? he hasnt done anything in poker...
  3. konik has a book called 'telling lies and getting paid' i thinkdidnt seem to sell anybut he does seem like an alright commentator that hasnt accomplished anything
  4. he just sucks and lost too much money playing bigger tables
  5. this is all old newsi thought nobody watched poker after dark, too boring.
  6. bluff did steal itnobody reads bluff mag anyways
  7. both of them cant play stud so it really doesnt matter.
  8. the sit n go cause u dont have enough to rebuy
  9. this guy plays mind games so perfectly, not that all of a bad guy really
  10. if you are both pros and making money, dont bother at all. if someone goes bust, there will be a big problem.
  11. Check this article out. Its from pocket 5.http://www.pocketfives.com/D213EE9C-B367-4...62815E79FA.aspxBasically, the advice is to never bluff, since people will almost never lay down their hand. And when you got a monster, bet big, and you will get called more often than not as ppl dont lay down thier top pair, or two pair.
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