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  1. tennis is for f4gs in tiny shorts
  2. like i said that night we went to studio 54 and it was a sausage fest we called them like at 5am, was our first night in vegas too so we were mostly depresed the rest of the trip to try and hit on some girls
  3. didnt see anything helpful there but thanks i guess...
  4. yea she wasnt very nice all bitchy when i asked her for a photo, now bree was the most friendly one, she was running somewhere and i yelled out bree and she turned back and came to me i asked for a picture together she was happy to do it, then said i love ya i left running alone never to be seen again :(also wanted to take a pic with elektra blue but she was grabbing hands with this huge dude so i just left her alone.. she was looking stunning also.
  5. LOL I wanted to go to the strip club ironicaly my friend the one that got scared urged us to go to the room to call the hookers we had collected like 200 of those cards handed out by the mexican army out on the stripI selected what I thought was the best one it didn't show a price, unlike the others that ranged from 35$ to 150$ some even said "no hidden fees" I didn't pay attention to this of course and you already know the outcomeI have more $ from where that came from, haven't seen an ugly dude with money before? LOL
  6. I know i got screwed thats what im saying i got robbed..they were both very hot, mine was a tall blonde huge boobs, blue eyes, but a little old, she said she has been on howard stern and worked for vivid for 4 years, my bros was shorter but very very beautiful face she was a bitch (well they both were) didnt say anything about herself or gave any conversation, just got naked gave my brother a quick 5mins handjob and left 600$ richer (i was still in the bathroom getting my hj when the other girl left) ,Mine was asking for 600 but i negociated and setled at 500, i gave it to her thinking i was g
  7. The bellagios poker room was packed but i carefully eye scanned every table for signs of any pro but didnt see any, you know i also kept saying we should go to the blue man group but my grp thought it prolly sucked so we didnt go nah i went into the bathroom with her, he stayed on his bed
  8. Thanks i guess..Any tips on what to do or where to go next time?and it was 1.1k for 2 girls for me and my brother, mine was 500 his was 600, i paid for both. Trust me they do
  9. Overall my trip sucked as i lost about 2k on poker and blackjack , got screwed for 1.1k more by 2 gorgeous girls we called to come to our room and they did nothing i cant do bymyself (lol) and left i dont know how explicit i can be on this forum so ill just keep it at that, went to cirque de solei KA was pretty cool even though i was falling asleep..We never been to vegas before so i didnt know where to go,i convince my friends that studio 54 is awesome and that we should all go plus nikki benz and some other pornstar was gonna be there, so we go in and we inmediatly notice the sausage fest si
  10. nah nobody said anything, to be just i was really scared when doing this bluff, so when he folded i was just happy he did and carried on...
  11. For fun i guess, never played with someone else's money!
  12. I know its not something you should try all the time, i had a strong read and went with it, however me having no real outs whatsoever is what makes this bluff so beautiful
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