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  1. Alright thanks guys, im gonna set up my neteller acct to my bank account.
  2. Problem solved my furry little friend.You tell them you donated 100 dollars in each of their names to the Royal childrens Tour "helping kids read good, and teaching them to do other stuff good too"and if this isnt your cup of tea, just tell them "look, i really love you guys, and its that love that is holding me back from taking money from my poker BR, that money will grow over time, and help us all in the end".and look really sincere My g/f is a really good at buying me real good gifts, so its worth spending the money on her. How do i set up neteller to my checking acct? Through neteller o
  3. well here is the problem guys, i got into a car accident like a week ago so all my money i was going to spend for christmas just got spent on repairs. So now I need to take like 400 out of my BR to buy some gifts so I really need this money pretty soon. I need to get it here and have time to go shopping. I kow I know girlfriends are -ev
  4. How long does it take to process and recieve your money from neteller. Is it better to withdrawl from Full Tilt or to go through neteller? I have nver withdrawled from Neteller always went through the site.Thanks
  5. I think it said something like live on the east coast at 6:00
  6. You guys wathing the ftp invitational on fsn? Live with a pretty nice lineup.IveyJuanda HellmuthMatusowFergusonUlliotHansenhttp://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/5086068
  7. I misclicked 90bb away. So I lost aout 150 bb that session, at least i was running good that morning.
  8. I completety understand that this would never happen and I know that 2nd would never be 100 at a casino. im just saying for respect, If you had something to prove, would you take a win over a little bit of money.
  9. The topic came up in a home game, Im talking about a real tournament. B&M toruney. If at a casino in a toruney I would rather stand up and say I won the toruney than walk away with $100. Walking away from the table and having someone come up to me and say hey didnt you just win the tournament, being able to say yes would be a lot better to me than saying no i got $100 for second place. Im not talking about huge cash here, im just saying that I play for 1st. I dont play to win my buyin back and a small frie at McDonalds.
  10. I guess sometimes I would just take no money to prove a point.
  11. When i play cards its all about winning. Winning= money. But yes im saying that if it wasnt a big amount of a prize I would rather take the respect of being the winner than a couple bucks. Im not talking about a tournament that you bought into to help pay your bills. Im talking about a tournament that winning the total pot wont change your life at all.
  12. If you were playing in say a 200 man tourney you got down to heads up with you and another guy dead even in chips, would you go for the win if.......1st place won $0.002nd place won $150.00Any dollar amount really, just not a life changing amount. In my homegame, as soon as people get down to the final three they are all excited to be getting their buyin back. When I bust out in 3rd they say, "at least you didnt lose money". Im like you can keep my whopping $10. I came to win. And they are like "you know you dont care once you get your buyin back" Im like i would take 1st over second if secon
  13. "I stabbed a guy with a trident"What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole... wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing! How 'bout we get you in your p.j.'s and we hit the hay.
  14. I dont post much, but i have been a lurker here for a while. I believe I was here the first week, but didnt actually register for a little while. I guess ill just say whats up. I play mostly online at FT, have been playing cards all my life im 21 and have been playing holdem for 2 years or so. I also play some stud and omaha. I live in Syracuse so you can find me up at Turning Stone casino playing roulette quite a bit. I have been here through the sites growth and have been lucky to witnessed a lot of things first hand. Jfarrel being one of them. :lol:Just wanted to get that outta the way b
  15. Last time I looked in the dictionary, my name's Ron Burgundy. What's your name?
  16. you may not like Barry, but you cant knock a guy for donating millions to charities. Your a jerkoff
  17. Thats really good to see. Glad he turned out ok.
  18. For some reason im not getting anything to come up when i search, can someone help me find the thread about the monitors you guys have for multitabling. And if you guys have any suggestions on a good comp and monitor package, let me know. Thanks
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