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  1. I just check behind on the flop and probably on the turn too. We just don't want to compound a problem here. pot's small, betting (esp. your bet size on the flop) doesn't really push out better hands, or even get worst hands to fold given you've given them such good odds. just check it down and let it go.if we do wanna bet, do it like we mean it. 500, or don't bother.
  2. well idk i can't see how we'd play it differently but i not sure if i like it. guess nothing wrong w/ checking on the flop, or trying to bet more on the flop.
  3. yeah it didn't happen... guy who i thought offered it really believed i was a 40-1 dog but his life is in chaos right now so that is a no go.haven't got anyone else to give me a counter offer so if i don't get one above 15-1 i'm not gonna try it.
  4. LOL! gl don't let them donkss get to you mannnn gotta stay strong gg g
  5. 5k from mtt's, ran like god cuz i don't play many and i play micros so can't complain. donked about 1k or so in various cash, and that practically evened out from sngs so meh uneventful year. just grinding the microooooos. most important thing i've learned is to put up more volume, less tilt, less posting in the bad beat forum *this is a big improvement* and that donkaments are my true calling. i'm probably not going to do the challenge in my sig, instead i'll just focus on pure mtts.
  6. a while back i realized that bad beat+ sng= does not compute. just keep that in mind.
  7. guess it's not a million it's more like 500k lolpstars told me 100k prob 50 or so on tilt, a few on prima and others.around 300-400k on cereus.
  8. I think I've reached the millionth hands mark but I don't have any way to prove that cuz I had to reboot comp before losing a lot of hands but I would say that I have played about a million hands and I'm finally getting this poker thing down maybe... How many hands do you think you played in your life before you could say things kinda clicked?
  9. bump 4k guarenteed plo on FTP sn litlebullet 10/13 need luck one time pls. first donkament day i've played in three weeks too must break even for the month LOLnvm finished 12th oh well still in the hole
  10. i don't see a room 40. did you mean 240?i found it omw.whats your password?
  11. i just signed up as chipotlesauc. looking for a free game.
  12. I tried something like this and bled a lot of money I'm also hoping to see what comes of this.
  13. 20 tabling Double or nothings on Stars for 10 hours a day every day next monthif i win i win lots of moniesHI!!!
  14. Let's say I do a crazy prop bet for January. Its 6000 DoN sngs on Stars for a profit of atleast 2000$.keep in mind that lifetime I've probably played around 6000 sngs. Terms: Starts 12 am et on the first of jan.runs until 12 am on the first of feb.can play as many at once as i want to.the buyins are whatever I decide, putting a cap on only 500 1$ sngs (I can't play thousands of 1's to pad the game count but I can drop to 1s if I need to given my bank roll)I start with 150$. If I go broke at any time, I auto lose.Must end the month w/ 2150$, 2000$ in profit.The terms are 6,000 DoN's, but I ca
  15. i check/raise him allin. I don't think he beats us here. I would put his range mostly on diamond draws, straight wraps/ draws, or aaxx.I just can't believe he'd check a set on that board on the flop.the turn looks like it blanked so he's check/ calling, maybe with his aa or alot of pairs here trying to play pot control or he's getting sticky with some sort of draw.after all the turn is good for him (or atleast he should think it is) if he has anything decent.if we check to him I think he may value bet his aa or he will bluff his draw or he'll value bet if his flush got there.check/ raise him
  16. I don't want to die, but I really don't see why I won't be worth 1m$$$ to him alive. I'm sure we could think of something I could do for him.slight hijak- ps just crashed 2X in 10 mins is this just me?
  17. idk kevin if I'm grinding and calm and focused I'll sit out if I have a vicegrip on the game. But if I'm starting to tilt I find it therapeutic to punish people for their stupidity, you know an eye for an eye. You bone my equity, if got a chance to get even I will. It backfired once tho lol.
  18. I agree, we should have shoved and not flatcalled. I thought you were saying we should have folded.
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