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  1. To an underdeveloped planet, any otherworldly effect would be considered divine.So using common sense, Jesus is obviously a creation of otherworldly means, since virgin births are possible now and no longer are considered a miracle.God is obviously a transmission from some otherworldy craft if it existed at all.There is my opinion.AoS
  2. The Ace is waiting to take your money, offset.Maybe next time, Ill actually try to win as I wasnt the last time.AoS
  3. Being a poor nigga myself, where are these chicks since I need some cash! lolAoS
  4. LMK if Isabella wants to make kids so our kids can play poker! ^^I would love that.AoS
  5. I dont think it would be that hard, try pwning his dad then you can boast!AoS
  6. It amazes me on how much rights the government is taking away from us.Someone has to overthrow the dumbazzes taking away our rights.Before you know it, we're gonna be locked up for smoking a cigarette walking down the street.We all should write to our dim-witted president to grow a brain.Stupid azz hicks like him should be thrown, not kicked out of office.AoS
  7. What if youre a poor azz and dont have a credit card in order to play for real money?I currently cant download FCP on this pc (PC isnt mine) but will when I get back to ohio.LMK,AoS
  8. Looks like youre talking about the URL history.All you have to do is delete the history.Unless you have a history tab to click, you have to manually do it.I never had to so its prolly in internet tools from your title tabs.AoS
  9. I think thats the difference between bluffing and making everyone else think you are.If that was the case, then I think everyone wouldve beat me at that time.Play against me and you would learn like so many before you! =)AoS
  10. Isnt your version of "short on cash" equilivent to a little less than a million? lolMust be nice to be you! lolAoS
  11. As DN does, I add the luck factor into my play.I try to make it seem like im bluffing when im not.AoS
  12. Hey Mr. Grinder,For future reference, read my sig! =)AoS
  13. Does anyone know if any casino have a $20 buy-in since Im poor?LMK,AoS
  14. DMFs like that shouldnt be allowed to play the game if they dont like to lose or dont know how to play!I hate stupid people and that kid was the cream of the DMFs.LMK if anyone plays near Cincinnati (or near Harrison), since I cant seem to find any.AoS
  15. Pacific Poker and stupid people, mainly stupid people...that is all
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