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  1. i have this little thing where i can change my ip at wil so ....mods you banning me is futile because im like growing old you hate me but ther eis nothing you can do about it
  2. im not the nobody with no future worth living for im not the one that should kill himself u average ******
  3. your replys are always creative....maybe if u would put the kind of thought into your life as yuo do in your replys maybe u wouldnt be a nobody.....and remember your opinion means dog balls because you trying to tell me whats right is like a bum telling a billionare how to make money...it makes no sense and frankly i dont care
  4. im not like you i dont get affected by what other think of me .... and its entertaining to see what you people have to say about life when i myself know its all comeing from soemone who doesnt know **** about it lol plus the replys are funny
  5. i will get a new sn anyway so go right ahead i can get banned 1000 times but im like guilt i just keep comeing back and back and back
  6. its always go back to school with u people....school is overated and somone with my card playing ability shouldnt waste there time...but hey i understand you are a average person and average people need school its a must lmao...i feel sorry for those of you who went to school and graduated because u put all that time in and u still wont be as sucsessfull as i am in poker or in life...i dont mean to be rude but thats the truth
  7. i was jk there but if u want quality anything on this poker forum than i suggest you leave now cause the only thing ur gonna get is b.s replys
  8. money wise no i dont compare myself to bill gates....but intelligence wise i am unparalled even tho im never gonna be as rich as him...i am still just all around beter human
  9. dont put me in your gay little has no life group in fact dont put me in any group that u put urself in cause you are nothing compared to me...its like some crackhead putting himslef in the same group as bill gates
  10. the only thing u said that makes sense is you calling me a genius
  11. go get banned or something....good one douchebag
  12. you calling me a douchebag is like a retard calling einstein stupid.
  13. well get used to it cause people in this forum will insult u for no reason lmao
  14. what i ment to say is everyone here BUT ME is a douchebag
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