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  1. This commercial comes on at least once per every televised poker event. Some gentleman from the Nevada Gaming Commission advises against all gambling if you're lonely or depressed. I've been playing poker for about 18 months now. I started playing for two reasons. Partly, I started playing poker because I wanted to see if I could be good at it. I wanted to find out if there was something that came natural to me. Some talent that I had that I was born with. Something that I was better at than everybody else. I wanted to know that feeling. I wanted to see if there was something, anythin
  2. You had to figure that Phoenix would right the ship. The slow start they got off to was no need for everyone to panic like they did.
  3. You should probably go visit a jeweler. Bring a large stack of cash because it sounds like what you want to do isn't going to be cheap. Good luck and I hope that she appreciates all the effort you're doing for her.
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