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  1. This post is worded nicely, reasoned nicely, and is ridiculously off in typical party tourneys, especially 20s. Somebody else said something similar, but...You will get called by a ridiculously larger range of hands than just AK/AA/KK. The range of hands increases directly proportional to the size of the initial raisers stack.You could get called by AK-AT easily, any suited ace if the guy is a moron, which there are a lot of. PP's down to 99 for sure, and down to 55 depending if it's the "gambling" type, who deludes himself into thinking any raise means 2 overcards and he's likely a slight
  2. I had a discussion with KramitDaToad about completing in small-blind and if raised should you ever fold.I was basically saying there were times where it was possibly you would and he disagreed. We debated it a bit, and then because it happened to be in Smash's thread on his experiments Smash told us it had all been decided a million times before by pros and stop trying to reinvent the wheel and I was clearly wrong.Other than yelling at Smash for being thought police I dropped the matter (it was in his thread after all). But when I was reading a slightly outdated cardplayer issue, I came acro
  3. Yeah, talking good streaks is kind of pointless on a BB/100 hands thread. But it's fun. The huge streaks balance out your bad beats. I've won around 100 BB in 100 hands before, but it's not like that's meaningful. Those dream days don't come very often, and they just balance the days the fish hit every improbable draw against you.
  4. Jesus, it givs the votes online people have given on Batman vs Spiderman as 6.74 mil to 4.4 mil? That proves how much crack the average webbrowser is smoking.Our forum here gives much better opinions and stats to back up our claims that spidy is a favorite.
  5. Yeah, it's fine not to buy it and just read online, but some of us get tired of staring at the screen 24/7 if you know what I mean. If I'm going to play endless hours of poker, sometimes I like to sit in my easy chair or couch and read a magazine without looking at my damned computer screen.
  6. Yeah, you should either get a monitor/laptop capable of 1600/1200 resolution, or play at UB, Prima, or one of the other ones that have mini-table view for multi-tabling.I can't leave the fish at party so I go the 1600/1200 route, but even with that I think I'm gonna get a second monitor. It's hard to scan for new tables or chat or look at a webpage while 4tabling.
  7. I don't think any of this matters very much at all. I personally think stop-loss stuff of any type is kind of pointless, but I'm utterly fine that other people want to do them. If I'm playing poorly, tilting, or strangely there are really good players at a table, I leave. Up or down. If I lose 25 or more BB due to monster suckouts, running into AA with my KK, or missing 8 straight flush draws, so be it.If the table is good, stay, if it isn't, leave. Only if your play is off from too many bad beats or you have a prior engagement or something, should you really leave for reasons other than
  8. That is related to this idea, but not where I got it from.When you hold AK and flop comes A K 4 4 8, the 4's are worthless to you. However, they help a guy with 2 4. I just don't see how this protects the better hand? I'm not saying to call this "three pairs". I still want to use only 5 cards, but I want to protect the stronger (in this case) pre-flop hand.EDIT: Maybe I haven't proven yet how this will help the better players (us forum members, hopefully), but you guys have not proven how it will hurt good players. The only pure argument here would be that you guys don't want to "change
  9. what makes u assume the guy playing AK is a "better" player than the guy playing 24 in your example?it may protect the tighter players who play higher cards... but whats the point of that?Just away to minimize the luck a little more, and maximize skill. Maybe you need the luck, I don't know.You need a proper balance of luck and skill in poker games or that sub-game of poker tends to die off. For a while Omaha was very rarely spread because the fish won so rarely at it. It's only since the poker boom that Omaha has gotten really hot again. If the fish never win from being lucky, they will
  10. I totally agree that the number is small who do more than 4-table, but it's not non-existent as you're implying. And it's not "maybe four" either, tons and tons of people do 4-5 tables. I have 2 friends who 8-table and a few people on 2+2 talk about doing it regularly.But all this said.... yeah it's a rare guy who 8-tables compared to the general population.
  11. Yeah, as he said you can just click on the converter link. But here, I'll give it to you anyway.http://www.selachian.com/tools/bisonconver...hhconverter.cgi
  12. Your really worried about this? Or is this a joke? It's easy to basically cap with QQ on that flop, but you woulda had to slow down a bit after that, until you hit the nuts on the turn. And then on the river you're asking if you should have worried your 2nd to nuts would lose to the nuts?No. go crazy on that river every time. If you're playing where there are infinite raises HU then slow down after 5-6. If you're playing a "normal" 3 raise, 4-bet-max cap system, then cap that river just about every time.[edit]My comments were based on assuming it's normal online play. You cap the river
  13. Yeah I play at UB as well. Phil doesn't censored at the micro limit tables. But you should watch him play the $80/$160 2-7 Triple Draw games. Especially when Spriit Rock/Mahatma is in the game. 'How can you check raise with a 456 with one draw left?'Good stuff.Yeah my friend plays these games too, they are fun to watch. And there are reasons to checkraise or bet and 3bet with a rough hand with 1 draw to go.Like if you have a T low, and you can get a 8 or 9 to break his hand and draw. You're the favorite over basically any draw with a made T low.Not that I know a ton about TD, but I've
  14. Bah, may as well ask if Online Poker in general is legal for U.S. citizens. That's in doubt too, but the government does nothing about enforcing it. I would hazaard a guess that Ladbrokes sports betting is illegal in the US, but you won't get taken to task for it.But maybe somebody will post next who actually knows for real.
  15. Then I renounce online poker forever =)I hope not, it'll happen eventually, or an equivalent.
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