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  1. ?MarketPulseEXTREME POKER STATSTop Online Money Makers 2009durrrr $510,273Phil Ivey $414,890Mafews $370,395DaEvils $295,898DIN_FRU $241,543Matt Hawrilenko $205,776DOOSHDOTCOM1 $167,867HOSS_TBF $138,678traheho $136,156Tdanger00 $127,722Highest Online Losses 2009LarsLuzak ($425,851)Patrik Antonius ($409,806)MR B 2 U SON ($290,333)Fatal Fog ($221,640)INTERNET POKERS ($173,610)BlueFlare ($154,001)STAADY ($130,005)trex313 ($115,245)BeepBeepImaJeep ($104,874)Urindanger ($98,499)I love all the durrrr hate.
  2. Daniel, any interest in Tom Dwan's million dollar challenge? I only bring this up because I remember your 500k heads up challenge at the Wynn back in the day. I realize 4 tabling 200-400min (nl/plo) + 50k Hands is a whole different animal of course.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/poker-news/To...llenge-1705.htm
  3. Anyone still wanna sign up? lol As for the other stuff like taking long breaks from poker, good for him. He hasn't sounded positive in the last few months. Playing for 4 years live I'm kinda at the "wtf is the point" stage now that I'm 29. I also really want a kid all of a sudden for some reason and I'm a guy. Daniel have a kid..."Daniel Jr".
  4. Going back to my point; FTP should provide the contract or agreement stating that she was given tournament buy-ins for promotion and/or provide proof of all money transactions (since buy-ins run up to 10k multiple times there should be a long paper trail going all the way back to the beginning of Full Tilt) etc so her case would have no chance in court.
  5. If she wasn't promised 1% of FTP then what did she get? If I remember correctly she has been on Team FT since the very beginning yet claims to have received no compensation because she was under the assumption she owned 1% of the company. That doesn't sound so far fetched looking from the outside. All FTP has to do is provide proof of transactions ($) between her and FTP over the last 4 years for her services.
  6. Best representation of live poker I've ever seen. No poker player should be put on a pedestal, strip away the cameras and they are just gamblers with the same problems like you and I(people that play for a living). Poker is not a "classy" game no matter what ESPN/CardPlayers/WSOP etc try to make it out to be. Yes there is a way you should conduct yourself at the table but this is a game that offers a wide range of different people/personalities and when someone gets drunk and goes crazy you just have to accept it as part of the game. I'd happily sit with a table full of angry drunks for da
  7. Possible hall of famer just became a legend. This is probably the only televised event I'll watch, I can't wait.
  8. The Main Event is not a measurement for pokers popularity, it's more of a lottery now, selling a dream. It will always have high number of participants. How about the numbers in every WPT event in the last 2 years? Are they higher or lower?How long have you been playing live cash games? 2003-2005 the rooms blew up, every casino in A.C was building a new poker room. You had to wait hours to sit in most games at the Taj or Borgata. 2006 is when it thing started to die down, the regulars (The ones that got into the hype and decided to pick up The Theory of Poker/Super System 2) were not com
  9. What a horrible idea. Let's destroy tradition(what's left of it) for the sake of ratings. If poker was meant to go down to pre-Moneymaker levels then so be it. Daniel, an oldschool highly respected live cash game player(?) now sounds like a Harrah's/internet poker promotion Muppet.There is one reason poker cannot maintain such a high level of popularity(2003-2005), the majority of people found out it's not that easy and LOSE.
  10. That part of the video seems soooo set up. Her hair was perfectly placed and Daniels side of the bed was perfect as well. Who makes their side of the bed when they get up with your wife/gf sleeping next to you sharing the same sheets/blanket? I think it was more of a joke then Daniel trying to portray he's a "pimp" though.
  11. If he bought it years ago before the real estate skyrocketed in LV it was probably around 3.5 to 4.5 million. Then it probably shot up in value then down again.
  12. He didn't know his kids english names, I bet he calls them by their middle names which are Vietnamese their whole lives. He's old school Veit, they don't speak a word of English in that house or are even aloud to when he's around. Seen this 1000 times. Don't get me wrong that's still kinda sad lol. If he's from a big city in Veitnam that house might seem small to him but if he's from the country that place he has now is considered nice.I'm sure he has money. He seems like one of those gamblers that is scared/stingy to spend his winnings and just hordes it all to be able to gamble another
  13. Yes. Playing live for 4 years I can't think of many people that are/were "properly rolled" period at any level.I also forgot about his Wynn heads up matches where he's 4-4 and up +$626,000 and his marriage from 05 to 07 (Which included buying Jen Harman's house). I think someone also mentioned his horrible luck on High Stakes Poker as well.
  14. I think people are forgetting about the huge wins on the golf course, not having to pay taxes on tournament winnings and the number of profitable bracelet/prop bets.(sw) Seriously I don't think he's anywhere near busto but he does he have a bankroll for the big game just sitting around, probably not. I think he will get back there at some point though.
  15. That video requires a leap of faith, maybe a couple.
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