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  1. omg this is an absolutley ridiculous final table. cant wait to see it on TVtake it downer
  2. dude tell me for sum reason u were at foxwoods last weekend. I was sitting at the table when "fitz" was called for seating. any chance?
  3. chat after he got feltedMike Matusow: guess fish lost everypot everydidnt let me leaveHoss_TBF: sighHoss_TBF: gg mikeHoss_TBF: big things ahead in the next month!Mike Matusow: hoss can u sen d me 20 not to play u till tonight or morning\Nevit08 (Observer): HAMike Matusow: as soon as i see somone on illsend backHoss_TBF: sorry, i don't loan anybodyMike Matusow: if u want u dont have too u dont know meHoss_TBF: not even my momjudgejuli (Observer): LOL @ BEGINGMike Matusow: that fine gl budHoss_TBF: thanks, you tooHoss_TBF: see you soon
  4. yeah ive been to turning stone a coupel times. its alright. but i turned 21 a month ago and fozwoods is sooo much better
  5. mods, PLEASE just pin this thread already!!!!!!!it just gets better every day
  6. i think are 3 situations :1. if i am 200% convinced that i am a lucky guy and i will win2. if i have the cards in hand that i wish(diferent cases: AA; AK; ... etc)3. if i have a so called PokerRNG program that can copy the original RNG(random number generator) program from the site that I play and i can see the cards that will come with it.lol, just look at it and read it for like 5 minutes
  7. i almost accepted one time.but then i got to scared.bumppppppppp
  8. lol i saw an assman plate once.i went nuts. it was awsome
  9. ive had two. and i took a picture (printscreen) of them, and woulda posted them but this board doesnt allow people to upload pictures.or does it?
  10. i didnt know you played!thats awsome, ive been playing since i was threei actually am a tennis instructor over the summer, and was on the #1 ranked team in the notheast
  11. my sn is "the bearfish" if im at ur table idkno onle likes me tho so thats why u dont know me.
  12. lol that was the best.thread.ever.it deserves a bump.
  13. what games u guys gna play?im prolly gna do the 3-6 (if they have it now) limit or 4-8 limitname is Richlook for me, ill be in the blue hat thats on crookedthats how i rollzzim so f-in white
  14. did a quick search and didnt see anything about this yeton ESPN now is the doyle brunson gold thing w/ all the pros playingpretty coolsorry if this has already been posted.
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