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  1. maybe he means short-stack .10/.25 or .25/.50?you could buy in for .10/.25 with 10 and play tight i think, but i dunno, i moslty play live where there are no bonuses and rakeback *sigh
  2. hmm, ok. didnt know that. ill check my bonus accnt and points when i get home later
  3. the bonus, once claimed, has to be cleared in a month. this is in 10 dollar increments. at 10nl it wight take a lot of play, but the double points happy hours help a lot. and i think its (correct if wrong) $.06 for every full tilit point. but like yesterday, during happy hour i three tabled .25.50nl for like 40 minutes and got 90 ft points, so id say you can def clear a good chunk of the 100 in a month. gl.
  4. yeah, thru u. what am i gna get my identity stolen now???????username for what, fulltilt or rakeupdate?
  5. hey, signed up, how long does it take for the rakeback to show up in ur account on rakeupdate?
  6. nice nice. howd u like mohegan? did u get a chance to go to foxwoods as well? they def have a better pokerroon in my opinion
  7. nice cash. what r u doing in my neck of the woods (literally). Ill be at mohegan this sat and sun if anyone else is. usually there every weekend.
  8. oh, gotcha. thanks. also, for the site in ur sig, do the cookies and temp int files have to stay once i join? spybot delets them with every run.
  9. but 25% of what? i mean that if rake in a pot is $1, i wont get .25, because if everyone on the table has rakeback, then a 1$ rake would have to pay out 2.50 in rakeback. so 25% of what rake?
  10. epic win right here
  11. thanks. will sign up this week. ill pm you with any problems.
  12. Hey, just curious, anyone who gets rakeback for FTP just wanted to know what site u use and if you have had any problems. Thanks in advance
  13. and just plumeted to 15000. kq twice in a row raised then re raised all in so had to fold. then just doubled guy up with my ak diamonds to his aawow
  14. congrats to everyone still in and in the money
  15. down to about 800 after aq<ak on a26 board
  16. they are trying to bust people quick, so their servers have room
  17. lolyour wrong, i play in the US, not homo canadaalso, if i wanted to play one hand loose after only showing strong starting hands, that is fine, don tknow why everyoe is complaining, no one was at the table to see how it was playing
  18. same thing for me. what part of ct? im from east haddam
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