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  1. Ok, im going to start off with a rule at mohegan sun in CT:at showdown, every player has the right to request to see a called hand.so, for expample to clear things up, if player a bets 50 on the river and player b calls, if player a flips the winner, anyone at the table can request to see player b's cards. the dealer will hit the cards to the muck to kill the hand and then flip them over.i dont know if it is like that anywhere else, but at mohegan it is.so, the situation last night was in a three way pot. an old guy bets 60 into a 30 pot on the turn. I fold with tp/tk, and another young play
  2. wow great coverage on pokerstars tv very professional.win millions (literally)
  3. congrats man this is great. good luck to you!
  4. Poker:try to play 40-50 hours live a monthLife:ride cannondale 4 times a week
  5. cant you just look up hand histories on PTR????im confused as to why this is a problem, besides getting the histories from ftp directly.
  6. 10 handed, typical 1-2 game filled with typical 1-2 players.villian in MP roughly $300me on BB roughly $300preflop:5 limpers to me on big blind, raise to 15 with KKMP calls onlyFlop:qx9x9xMe: bet $25villain: call $25Turn: 4xMe: bet $50villian: raise to $150me: ?????????thoughts?as far as reads: as i stated earlier, its a typical 1-2 game filled with terrible players. I sat down maybe an hour before this hand, and the villian in this hand was nothing special.had played a hand earlier with him where i had AQ on a Q5QXX board and bet every street, the villian called me down the entire way w/o r
  7. hope he makes good burrttos. anyone ever have Moe's? They are awesome. If i won a mexican child he would have to make burrittos like moes.
  8. jealous much? go ahead, if you start a thread liek this ill post in it
  9. a couple years ago (back in the day), playing 2/4 limit, saw a shit hand take down a nice pot (for 2/4) and laughed and said how the game was not beatable. an old asian lady who could hardly speak english and had rebought three times for 100 pointed to her stack and said "yes it is" (as her stack had about 130 in it). i laughed.
  10. id say push it in. As long as your read indicates you have the best hand, with only 5 BB left, this is a good one to go in with.
  11. yahtzeeedit: it didnt quote for some reason, but just look two posts up
  12. i am boku 87.ok no im not.
  13. in the 1 dollar rebuy. im a high roller.
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