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  1. indeed. but any true seinfeldian like myself would never do that.
  2. id love to play!why should it be me, huh?well, if you name any seinfeld quote, i can tell you what episode it came from (what the episode was about, not the actual name like episode 115 "the contest")go ahead, try it!if this is acceptable:the bearfish (east haddam)
  3. i agree. i think you bet the turn. as played you have to call. you beat a good variety of hands that can be shown here.i also agree that calling is the best option as played. no need to make the pot too big with a semi-marginal hand.
  4. so after reading all that ive concluded that players dissappeared form the protege final table and that DN is a murderer. have i come to the correct conclusions?
  5. well, looks like i have a long day at work today!
  6. thanksi read a little, but care to summarize so i dont have to read all 50 pages?
  7. what is this all about? ive heard this "wheres jerry" shit alot. someone has it in their sig. whos jerry, why do i want to know where he is?
  8. this made me laugh a little.but, i dont know what the structure would be anyways. i was looking online at some of the events, and some seem reasonable. hope to see ya there!
  9. [x ] cares if DN is mean to KFCdont go saying anything bad about KFC. Snackers FTW.
  10. why is 55 not possible? i mean, a limp from early position, and a check raise on the flop?25 suited, k2 suited?
  11. what no one is going to comment on this?i mean, we have some one on our forum that almost killed another person with an axe.
  12. haha, nice.im a steelers fan actually. the jets? i mean cmon they shouldnt be in the playoffs they got lucky by playing two b-list teams because the colts and bengals sat their starters. Granted, it won me my fantasy league, but cmon.i was all for the colts until they decided to play smart and not go for the perfect season.
  13. http://www.jetsshop.com/jets/home.php?cat=546
  14. awesome review. i literally just looked at this in the bookstore yesterday, but decided not to get it. hmmmmmmm
  15. he was slow playing. dealt the nuts.ya know, some people, they just like their cucumbers better pickled.
  16. in CT you cannot turn your hand over in a tourny, but in a cash game its allowable.
  17. well he did overbet bluff about 3 more times in the next couple hours i played there i did apologize to him and the rest of the table, they said it was fine. one guy said he was going to do it more often.edit: although he was a jackass form the moment he got there
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