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  1. saw this thread on 2p2.people buy dumb things. snuggie, anyone?
  2. are u still a neuroscience researcher?Just asking because i am as well, and didnt think it was possible to find another one on a almost dead poker forum.where do you conduct ur research?
  3. dont play on pokerstars. whats this high, medium and low stuff? why are there two h/m/l?
  4. this really really delivers.OP for president?
  5. gears of war 2ghostlove gamertag
  6. as played i think you have to fold. flush draws, straight draws, you are not that big a favorite if you are ahead at all.
  7. yeah im having problems. cant win a hand.
  8. good catch. a hand this good needs two threads.
  9. i disagree with everyone. this is a standard fold.
  10. this is going to be an epic 1000 post thread, so get in while you can.My FTP icon on my desktop on my current laptop is blue.On my home computer and back up laptop, its Blacki dont know why this isso, which color is your, blue, black, or some other color i cannot yet comprehend?
  11. 1) standard2) standard3) fine4) fold to the reraise5)i think its fine
  12. Hey FCP1/2 nl live at mohegan sun last weekendI just moved to this table 15 hands ago. A new player sits, he is a regular, solid tight old player.old player raises to $15 in early position (300$ stack)two callersI call in late position with Jc9c (300$ stack)One bad player call behind meflop 7d 8c 2cold guy picks up a stack and bets it. he didnt count it just picked it up and placed it. Dealer counts $70two folds to meI ?????????The bad player who called behind me only have about $40 leftthis is a spot im not comfortable in and would like to work on. Im trying to play a more small approach,
  13. calls. what can he beat you with? 1010 and 46. i guess both 46 suited and 1010 could be in his range limping from utg, but his range is too big to fold. I would put him on two pair or maybe top pair with a flush draw. if thats the case hes only got 9 outs max. i think you have to call.
  14. yeah i like this, except the reraise PF with a middle pair. whats he calling with on flop, AJ maybe?
  15. why is everyone saying reraise PF with the worst postion? dont re raise pre, calling is fine.i would c/r the flopas played call
  16. so he collected his own hand and then said he won? i call shenanigans! just have everyone be more careful next time. it doesnt seem like someone ended up getting shot in this situation, so use it as a learning experience!
  17. edit: misread.you said player B's hand was flipped face up ? in a casino if the hand is flipped face up and thrown into the center it is still live, so player B should have won.the fact that the cards were collected, i dont know, someone whould have said something. if this is a friendly game, then give pot to player b. cutthroat game player a keeps. maybe split pot?
  18. i still think the basic idea of playing a small pot with a small hand and large pot with a large hand applies. It also depends on the table. If you are playing at a table with raises and re raises pre flop, then you would want to tighten up, but if everyone is limping, you need to see more flops to let the other player make mistakes into you. i dunno, this is what i have had some success with playing live nl
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