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  1. In the most generic terms, I think the ability to observe what your opponents are doing and adapt your decisions to exploit them. There's a ton that goes into that, including things like tilt control, game selection, and understanding your own game to the point where you know what your opponents think about what you are doing, and can then do things that exploit their perceived knowledge.
  2. Yeah, well, results can go blow. It's the work that's important.
  3. I dropped 40BB today at 6-max, and I immediately identified my biggest leak. I play too many tables and don't think enough before I click buttons. When I do take the time to think, I do much better. Duh. Anyway, I scaled back my hands goal to at least 2500 per week, which is me 2-tabling 20 hours per week instead of 4-tabling.So, I think today was a major success.Nice job Highway and Checky. Good work Dutch.May play a short session before I wrap up for the night.
  4. Some sort of tracking program is standard for any semi-serious online play these days. Play without it at your own risk.
  5. Yeah. It makes me focus on one thing for a while, rather than trying to pay attention to several things at once. I can usually relax with a good attention span afterwards.
  6. I'm beyond distracted and haven't watched a hand yet, mhoward. Going to play guitar hero to slow my brain down.
  7. Won $791 online from a $10BR. Won $5703 live, including chopping a tournament and a decent score at 2/5NL. Only played 21 times live.I really slacked and should have done better, but I played on autopilot too much, and had tilt issues the second half of the year online.Dink is my hero.
  8. I probably play it the same, but I hate that I do.
  9. Railing while I eat dinner. I want to learn better.
  10. Nice grind. I had nightmares about random donks capping every street against me and catching every time. Fortunately, my hair was perfect.
  11. Yeah, he just seemed to have slowed down when I was railing is all I meant.
  12. Ah, so I was missing a big part of the picture.
  13. I'm jealous. Of course, I could do that with my dog and learn something from him at this point in my development.
  14. I didn't see this. I saw 42s from him, but there was no action on the turn or river.
  15. I've been there, and I'm sure I will again. You'll be fine once you're able to look back at the hands without the emotional attachment and learn from them. Just break them down until you find the optimal lines, and the next time you run into this situation, you'll be better prepared.
  16. Thanks Checky. Thanks Bob as well. Good stuff.Now I understand where your swings come from, Checky.
  17. Right, cause if they're calling you're going to have to show them a hand or stop betting and let them take the pot. Which means now you're going to have to balance bet/check-fold with bet/check-raise and subject yourself to more 3bets on the turn when they have you beat? Unless you're only check-raising the turn when you're very strong, which makes it somewhat useless.
  18. Is this because they're going to call you down too light, or raise you too light? or both? Seems like they'd want to call you down with marginal hands, which lets you stop betting whenever you want, and they'd want to raise you with anything decent, which lets you play pretty perfectly against them postflop? Am I thinking correctly?
  19. The hand histories you posted jive with what I saw, except the 82 hand. You're talking about capping light in position, right Checky?
  20. Thanks for the chance to rail that. I feel like I actually learned a bit fromthis discussion and getting to see it in real time. You seemed like you started to adjust well to him. Those guys drive me nuts, too, especially when I'm oop.
  21. I don't know what he's mucking, and he might have tightened up a bit when I was railing, but he wasn't 3-betting air postflop or anything that I saw. He's was betting light as hell and bluffing the flop a ton, or calling down any draw or any pair if bet into.
  22. Shit, open seat to the idiots left. I wanna sit so bad, but won't.
  23. looks like mostly preflop. he's bad postflop - from what I'm seeing he'll bet anything if he's not raised on the flop, but will give up on the turn if he has nothing. He'll also call down with any piece, but will fold air if bet into. No such thing as pot odds.
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