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  1. My first inclination is that you played the hand well, and so did he.A couple of things hit me as I tried to figure out what you could have done differently, or for that matter how the button could play the hand better.Is the button one to wait for the turn to raise a Q here? You say he raised flops in a more or less straightforward manner, which indicated he would likely raise a Q here on the flop. If true and we exclude hands that hold a Q from his range, we're left with AK, AJ, AT, KJ, KT, TT, and many suited spade combos - these hands he could reasonably peel the flop with AND have 3-be
  2. I have literally never felt this in my life.
  3. Eh, you'll just lose faster. Seriously, post hands to the strat forums or talk in one of the challenge threads. Respond to other people's posted hands. Think about why you do things at each decision in a hand, and ask questions when you can't come up with an answer, or when you're not sure of your answer. The sooner you decide you don't know anything, the easier it is to learn
  4. Actually, the Martingale is nearly perfect assuming you have an infinite bankroll reserve and there is no limit to bet size, and you quit and start over when you reach your desired $ goal.
  5. Um, aren't those banner ads related to what sites you visit on your computer?
  6. Isn't pretty much everyone who starts playing low stakes and intends to take poker seriously trying to turn that initial stake into some amout of money by practicing some bankroll management and moving up as they go?Now, if you were trying to turn $200 into 100K playing ONLY .50/1 LHE, that would be impressive!Seriously, good luck at this, but we're all trying to do this on some level. Come to the LHE challenge thread in General.
  7. Funny, I had KK first hand at a table tonight and ran into a straight flush on the river. It's probably better that you folded.
  8. I have to rail you sometime. You must be the most agro mofo. What's your AF, 12?
  9. Good job. Must have been my peptalk.Thanks for that tiltblocker link, btw. Once I got used to it and stopped peeking every six minutes, I'm pretty sure my game improved tenfold. I extended my BR requirements a bit to make me feel all safe and warm, though, but I was moving up too quickly due to occasionally running good, rahter than legitimately beating the game at a certain level. I actually saw myself adapt to a table tonight, both pre- and postflop, and it was fun. I just haven't figured out how to deal with a table with five 35/0/.75's yet. They ate my ass.
  10. QFT. I haven't had a lick of energy after work lately. I'm committing myself to playing 2 hours a night if I have to prop my eyes open with toothpicks.
  11. What if you married her?BBFIDTS, I know.For the record, my wife used to be hot. She's still out of my league.
  12. So PA has a superuser account in your brain.
  13. Cause if I bet everyone will fold.That's all I got. Games are good this morning. Yay for Monday off from RL work.
  14. Yeah, that too. I forgot about the value of disguising your hand here, and balancing your range, because that doesn't matter one iota in the games I'm in right now.
  15. I just don't think you're getting it HU very often here, unless you've seen these guys routinely open-limp and then fold for 2 more back to them. I don't think the 3-bet is bad, and quite good if CO had opened here. It's also not bad against passive-types who open-limp UTG and MP here anyhow, because you have position and can probably play perfectly postflop. You're equity isn't any different whether you 3-bet or just flat here, but 3-betting may get you a free card and give you odds to call lighter if you are donked into on the flop.
  16. It's been a long week short on poker. Everyone who's close to me seemed to have their worst week ever, and require all of my time and energy to be their shoulder to cry on/psychotherapist/clown. It's nice to have people who need you, but it can be downright exhausting, seeing as I'm tightly wound at the best of times. I'm finally feeling like I can think about playing today without being completely distracted. Kudos to me for not playing when I would have been less than focused.Glad to see the last few days have been relatively good to everyone. Reading this thread in the morning when I w
  17. I'm not posting anything like this again. **** me. Well, still up a little for the day overall.
  18. Yeah, I had a decent win today and I'm officially up for the year now after dropping 40BB in my first session, but I'm trying to be less results oriented and more thought and decision oriented in my approach here. I've taken some of the best notes ever in the last four days, and they're paying off in big bets on later streets.
  19. Anything over 2.0 is considered aggressive, generally, and anything under is on the passive side. 1.0 and under are your semi-typical calling stations, I guess.
  20. I agree, which is why I'm trying to figure out why Tucker says he's a passive player. Would he limp AA KK QQ UTG here?
  21. That's what I was thinking. Maybe he means he doesn't raise much preflop?
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