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  1. Pretty sure Cassavetes had no intention of calling. He let Daniel and the table believe his hand was JJ, and he was folding because the J was exposed. He didn't want the table knowing he'd make that move with AJ.

  2. I have some questions about table selection - how do you decide which table to play?Do you take any one with an open seat at the limit you want to play?No.Do you look for a specific fish and sit as his table?Yes. Preferred method.Do you look at the % of players seeing flop and average pot size some sites advertise?Yes. Second method.Do you look at the table raking on www.pokertableratings.com? If this one, do you use their table rating and pick any that have a green rating, or do you look at their VP$IP, PRF, and Aggr values?Not really. I'd actually combine this with looking at the sites % and pot size, and then ptr the players at the best tables to find the fish. Peace,Opie
  3. I wasn't trying to ruin anything for anyone. I didn't know if there was a reason you changed identities, and sometimes when that happens it's because the person is trying to duck someone for some reason, whether it's money owed or something said or whatever.I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, and have found as I've gotten older that the best way to deal with them is to simply admit to them, apologize, and move forward. Bitching me out because you did something stupid and got caught is sort of silly, and speaks to your lack of maturity.I was quite impressed with your turnaround on your Sick Boy account, both here on the forums and poker-results wise. I think you're a bit too hard on yourself, and seem to have trouble forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Balloon Guy said recently something to the effect that if people would realize that the only one who sees most of our mistakes is ourselves, we'd have a much easier go of things.Welcome back. I hope you live up to your own expectations, and find away to give yourself a break for being human.

  4. What tipped you off Rabid? Good catch there...
    I just remembered someone bragging about playing with gangsters in South Africa and eventually moving too New Zealand, plus this post seemed like it was trying too hard to be the new guy. I tried to be encouraging to Sick Boy back when he first showed up here and acted pretty stupidly. I remember what being young and full of shit was like. Just silly that he would do this after more or less maturing his image here.
  5. Did your old poker site accounts get closed for some reason? Why the deception? You were having pretty good results when you were last around. Multi-accounting?Just asking. I remember you apologizing for doing stupid things before. Why add another one to the list. Come clean with us and you'll likely be able to move forward no problem.

  6. I've actually only been living here for a year. People dont really say that though, mostly they say "G" (when they refer to somebody else) and "Hard" (when they agree with something). im originally from south africa. My parents immigrated from Russia a while back and had me there. Now im here, so i can speak Russian and shit but I was brought up in africa, Its pretty intense,Lol, r u talking about this stuff?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLJ5a6aJOb8Thats unfortunate. Thanks anyway.
    Hold on now, I know you from somewhere. Let me find it.Edit: Is this you? http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...rica&st=120Yeah, same e-mail in your profile. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...?showuser=30415
  7. Someday I'm going to be able to afford the tuition AND think my head is in the right place to benefit from the instruction. Perhaps six months to a year from now I'll be in that place, but for now I hope you find a couple of good students who can really benefit from what you have to offer. Meanwhile, I'm going to be working on my mental approach and work ethic along with my bankroll.Good luck, and thanks for continuing to offer this.

  8. I haven't either. Rose, do you know it's origins?Mark
    the actual saying is " too bad so sad" I added the tuff. Acronyms is TBSSThis definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories:Slang/chat, popular culturecan't find the orgin of the word but I always used it as a slang sort of like that's life
    Oh c'mon!
  9. If you don't need the cash, I wouldn't cash out anything until you're at a limit where the money becomes meaningful to you. I started at .02/.04 limit last year and didn't cash out til I hit .50/1. Now I cash out 50% of my profit each month as long as it's at least $100. Leaving the money in your roll just lets you move up to meaningful money faster.

  10. Look, a poker forum where people discuss strategy for pretty much all games at all levels! Let's see if I can find someone local to meet up with and limit my exposure to information...Seriously, just get involved in the site, especially the strategy forum and challenge threads in General Poker. You'll meet people and learn. It's a great community, and even if you never meet anyone face to face, you'll learn a ton.

  11. Play for a living/steady income = bankroll management requiredPlay for fun/occasional big score but have other income = bankroll management not requiredSomewhere in between = some sort of bankroll management recommended for long term profitabilityAlso, Tim is indeed teh mans.

  12. Some of the new generation are great players for sure, and some are going to prove to be a flash in the pan, but when any of them play Dolly heads up, he's going to have that straight flush after the last draw and they're going to pay him off with the Aces Full.

  13. Leave the game and work on playing short handed better.I'm dead serious when I say this.The rake is just too much to overcome at low limits like that at full ring if the game is that tight.
    I was pretty sure you were going to say that. Alright, I'll stop banging my head against the wall. Full Ring is boring the crap out of me anyway.
  14. Alright, let's talk about beating the TAG's and TAP's that populate 1/2 Full Ring. What's the correct strategy for dealing with too tight tables where the vpip hovers around 15%? Play more hands and look for more bluffing opportunities, which in turn gets you played with when you flop something?I'm open to ideas here.

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