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  1. I think he likes to play suited cards... and yeah he wanted to somehow get back at you for rivering a flush (probably his favourite hand) two hands b4.Best thing you can do in that situation, is write a note on him and say "nh". Next time you meet up with him, you might be able to more easily put him on a hand, and get back at him... again.
  2. Hey BeaverStyle,Good idea on this thread. Could we post about any tournaments?? If so, and this was around yesterday, I definitely would have posted my rail call. I didn't feel right making a new topic about it.I guess this is a brag post. I joined the daily 8pm 50 cent tournament (I know small time donkfest, but I'm kinda proud), with just under 2150 ppl, and took 3rd for just over 60 bucks. Don't care too much about the money, but 3/2150 is a nice result for me, and long overdue.This thread gives me some motivation to repeat the result in the near future (hopefully in a better tournamen
  3. Hey all. There's a set of tournaments scheduled at the Brantford Casino starting June 10 I think. They're pretty expensive and I can't afford the buy-ins (500, 1000, and 1500), but they have 50 ppl rebuy/addon sats everyday until then. I'm gonna try to make it there on the weekends for a couple of shots at it starting this weekend.Anyone planning on doing the same thing??
  4. Ok here goes..."My life sucks, yet I have awesome potential. Can someone just bankroll my pathetic a$$???"I think that covers it.Oh and welcome new guy.
  5. Just got in this one too. Let me ask a question, what's a Last Longer?? Good luck to all FCPers that are in.
  6. Sorry for getting off-topic...Socrates, do you play as Socrates7777 on PS? If so, I think we were sitting right beside each other at one point in the 4.40/180 this morning.
  7. Nobody would I don't think. Fact is he was slow playing rockets, and it's gonna bite him in the *** over the long run. I can see why he would want to slow play them against the 2 blinds cause he wants more action. If he slow plays them selectively, he may not get stung as much...But, you flopped 2 pair, and if their was no Ace on the board, would he have seen it till the end and called your all in? That's the real question you should ask. Would you have paid to see your mistake, slow playing aces and letting someone get a better hand than you cheaply? You probably would, and that's where
  8. A couple of hours ago, I threw my fist into the heavy desk my laptop sits on... it's still throbbing. I had AT and flopped TTJ. Brave mofo calls my all in with ducks, and caught runner runner to make quads...I know - he caught the full house on the turn anyways... but the river deuce pissed me off even more.It was a 4.40/180 tournament so no biggie, but shiiiiit man.
  9. Yeah, I do that too... sometimes I bet $5t1g88 It's hard for ppl to call when there's letters in your bet.
  10. They both had good cards to start with so they properly called his 3x BB raise.Then when they had good cards and decent draws on the flop, they properly called his hundred dollar bet.But on the turn, when he pushed with his trips, and they called, well, maybe that's why he's calling them idiots. They shouldn't have continued on their straight draws (and low pair) with the ugly board and the original raiser gunning for the all-in.JMOEDIT: But BS did ask the right question... you didn't actually get lucky cause you had the best hand all along. Unless you meant "...meeting these two fishies."
  11. Crowd: "Someone else! Someone else!"Homer Simpson: "Hey, I'M someone else!!"Moe Sislack: "He's right everybody!!"No stake needed - I just wanted to quote the Simpsons. Homer is the BEST!
  12. Awesome poker there guys... I might collapse cause I'm crazy tired. So I'm gonna just say congrats in advance guys. You two are just dominating that table. Take it down! 1, 2 baby - nice.
  13. Not if you can somehow sell that $10K seat for anything over 50 cents on the dollar Orc. Lucky Albertan isn't happy enough with the oil.
  14. Hey guys, I was in this too, and got killed pretty early on. But I noticed something about this tournament. At least for as long as I was there, I saw no donks going all in on nothing to double up early. It was pretty cool to see.Derswick, the Qualifiers happened at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm every day this week since last Saturday. Don't need .net, but registration only starts an hour before, they're capped at 3000 each (only the top 100 make it), and the list fills up in 5 minutes (so you don't actually have an hour to register). It's crazy.Are they doing it every week Naslund??EDIT: I checke
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