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  1. thank you for the reply i do know about the current book he has out...but i am hoping to get some sort of inside knowledge on when the "BIG" book on small ball is coming out thanks
  2. i noticed on Amazon.com and it said the release date is supposed to be in late feb. is this date close to accurate...due to i have be anxiously waiting for this book to come out any reply as to what to expect on the date would be graciously acceptedthanks
  3. thank you for the post i appreciate a well thought out explantion as to what you do different instead of a yes or no answer i will take what you said into considerstion..but also in regards to your question i am very aggresive player and like to play and raise with wide variety of hands to disguise a hand like instance pocket kings and the player that called me is a very tight player i had the luxoury of seing everyone of his call or raises preflop due to he had to show down everytime and each time he had high over cards and cpl times pocket 10 or jacks and both times he reraised with those
  4. true i would agree with the preflop raise to big but that was to make if somewhere to reraise me either had aces or had ak or if smooth called i kno he either had aq, aj or even ak, and the last thing i wanted to s if i bet and he smooth called me would be a Ace on the turn...so i put him to the descision for all his chips on a if he had aq or along those lines he would be drawing for a ace pair for all his chips...so i am unsure if that was just too aggressive in the beginning
  5. Just the other night i was playing in a $50 buy-in tourny at the local casino, there were 100ppl in the event and about a hr into it i had built up to be chip leader at 5200(starting chips 1500) i get dealt pocket kings first to act preflop (blinds $50-$100) so i raise to $600 total everyone folds just as i wanted and gets to the small blind where he is 3rd place in chips(1200 less then me) smooths call me, so at that point i put him on A-J suited, A-Q suited or evein A-K suited, the flop comes all under rainbow 3,3,2-he checks to me knowing i have him covered and know he didn't hit the flop i
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