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  1. Here's a big hand I played in tonight's 100k guaranteed on stars. Total prize pool just over 150k and just over 1k entrants. With 16 people left in the tourney the following hand came up. I was 2nd in chips in the BB and he was 3rd in chips in the SB. No real reads on him, just got moved to that table and 2 quick busts to get down to 16. I know I really screwed up this hand, so I want help so I hopefully won't do it again. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t6000 (8 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)MP2 (t100597)CO (t109196)Button
  2. Bad beat AK lost to AQ AIPF crippled me, wound up in 14th. sucked I wanted a nice cash but tilt just hates me
  3. I am, 5th in chips right now, 52k. AVG00 is the name
  4. I have 13k second break. GL with the chip lead AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  5. In, a short stack shoved with a-6, I called with kings and lost. down to 1k.Anyone planning on going deep?
  6. $20+2 tourney on stars, #38437102. 750 started 6 left. SN AVG00. @ 247k. 2/63.5k for firstEdit: guess I screwed myself by making this topic. Bad run of cards and a few failed bluffs in a row and I'm out in 6th. oh well
  7. Yeah, I'm railing you though don't expect me to talk. Take it down and get the almost 7k, forget the 225. GL
  8. I asked how to escape from jail and the girl just ended the search.
  9. Now if the just didn't take store purchases out of RB and had a VIP system, there'd be no reason to ever play stars again.
  10. ugh, completely dead the entire hour, don't think I won a single hand. AK<KQ final hand. I'm out. GL to everyone still in.
  11. gg BKice, one less pro for me to worry about.
  12. Wow, someone here with more chips than me. 49380 @ break.
  13. wow. RUSH. sixes flopped a set, beat a guy who turned 2 pair, doubled up again. 37360. :icon_dance:Edit: 8's just flopped a set, wow, knocked a guy out. 49980
  14. YES, just doubled up to 19580. Had 10's flop x-10-k, got it all in with AK and the 10's held.
  15. Well I don't have the br yet to buy in direct, hopin to one day. I had to sat my way in, so I can't afford a $100 last longer.
  16. In, my first time in this.I'll do the $20 last longer if theres around 5 people in it, otherwise I'm just gonna play.
  17. Congrats, thats amazing making 2 final tables in 2 huge fields in one night, and winning one of them. Have fun with all the money.
  18. Yeah, mine emailed me saying that too.And this sucks about the store and rakeback, makes me want to quit playing there after I finish clearing the bonus.
  19. Found this guy on wikihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reid_W._BartonPossible member of the MIT blackjack team?
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