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  1. You could call me a fish. lolJust want asmuch info as I can get my hands on.
  2. Just played a few hours cash at .05/.10 table and saw the difference. Profited nicely!!Cheers for the PokerBank link!!
  3. What works for you Navybuttons is great. But I'm not you, I just asked the question. I did get an answer and thanks to that member.
  4. I understand what your saying, I randomise my raiseable starting hands. What I want to know is how to use pot odds, I'm at a point in my game were I want to try heaps of theories and find what works for me. I read Slanskiy's books but he getts a little deep, and I struggle to learn HOW to apply the theory.
  5. Been playing really well, but I get caught in cash games when I call huge bets with a draw. I was told that I should watch the pot odds, so can someone explain in easy terms how I should apply this theory to my game.
  6. Well I'll grind it out and reach say $150, which shouldn't take too long. As you said patience is my friend.
  7. I've been playing .05 / .10 blinds in No limit Texas Holdem cash games on Ultimate Bet. I've doubled my BR in 2 weeks (Currently at $52.97), now should I go to the .10 / .20 blinds or stay untill my BR is higher??
  8. I've been playing Nolimit Holdem cash games and tourney's for about 2 years with good consistant results. Should I be learning other games like Omaha etc? I read the article Daniel posted about using Omaha strategies in other games, but what's everyone's thoughts on this.
  9. Well, I've been playing $.05 / $.10 NL Hold'em cash games and have built my BR by 12%. I'm going to continue these stakes until March, to see whether I'm consistantly winning, then I'll step up.Cheers for the help.
  10. So does it really help your gane?? Some people have told me that it will save me money, but I will become too tight and wont gamble.
  11. So in your opinion what would be my stakes range for a $50BR??I play with Ultimate Bet.
  12. Been playing freeroll tounies for the last year and have just started consistently reaching the final tables. So I now want to start a BR and play for money, my BR will be starting at $50. So should I stay with tournies, or move to low level cash games??
  13. Thanks for the advice, I will be looking into it further. Also could you explain pot odds and how they apply to hands? I've been going through Slansky's Poker Theoram, but he doesn't explain the practical use of it very well.
  14. Cheers for the advice. Yes, I am a relatively new player. I will will start playing some freerolls and see where I end up.
  15. I know what you mean. I've read Super System, and it says that I should raise with category 1 hands in starting postion. When, as I move into later positions I should lossen up. Is this correct???I'm in 32nd place with 98 players left from a 1890 player tournament.
  16. I agree, you shouldn't be playing cash games at all yet. Freerolls will give you a feel and you can trial strategies without lossing money. Always remember to play within your skills.
  17. Sorry if it sounded vague. Well, can anyone give me advice on starting hands in a tournament situation?? Specifically No Limit Hold'em with 500+players
  18. Been playing for a year, and know the value of premium hands. But I end up being anted out while I'm waiting for hands. Should I loosen up when I'm in late to mid position with no raises pre-flop??
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