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  1. Taffer,Dude, don't listen to these losing nits....they don't have masta nl skills. Use this method, if you're solid playa your standard dev. will be fine, no worry for risk of ruin.Move up with 15 down with 12.nl25=$375nl50=$750nl100=$1500nl200=$3000
  2. He's on obv aces, I would repot him, your a fav. over AAxx with your pair and str8 draw...if the turn blanks your a ~45-55 dog (for hi), get the money in now while you have fold equity. If you just call and a lo brick peels, you'll have to pass 2 a pot bet. If your read is that he has AAxx and you want 2 continue with the hand repot his azz.
  3. Teach him to play PLO8 and bankroll him, then force him to 8 table 90hrs a week for the next year....
  4. wonder if 1 mill. is 1/3 of his BR or 1/10...125BB is lot to rip thru in 21hrs, however game does switch to PL and NL w/ 100K cap...
  5. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...rt=all&vc=1
  6. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/postlist...mp;Board=omaha8http://www.bet-the-pot.com/what-makes-an-o8-hand-page60.htmlhttp://www.bet-the-pot.com/forum/poker-discussion24.html
  7. One of the significant weaknesses I see in many player's games is the overplaying of draws against a made hand, especially when a pot is small. This is a flaw which I see in the very best of the 5-10 game to the ok players in the 2-4. Because they "know" that they are probably no worse than 6:4 dogs, and they are getting 2:1 on the action, they then proceed to lump in their stack against what surely must be a made hand. But these can be very -EV plays. Perhaps an example will make it clear. In a 2-4 game, unraised pot, I flop top trips on a 2TJ rainbow flop. My opponent bets the flop, I raise,
  8. David,If you have the roll and don't mind variance then 3 betting the flop is fine. If you're on a limited roll and want 2 lower your variance, waiting for a safe 4th st. is the line you want 2 take.
  9. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...e=0#Post4163825
  10. I become increasingly lagtarded as my stack grows...when u want to loosen up, adjust your starters by stack depth.
  11. This bascomeb guy states the most illogical sh.t eva...its commonly known throughout the poker world that the craps table is TJ's vice.TJ is a solid tournament player period. Just b/c he dumps a couple 100K @ craps in no way reflects his talent as a poker player.
  12. DN was either going to win this event or bust out in 7 or 8th...w/ this structure, you have to be active and hit hands that hold up...DN isn't the type to wait it out in order to rise in the money...all he wants is the bracelet...too bad things didn't work out, but I respect his effort in trying to build a big stack in order to give himself a shot @ the bracelet.Mangino, Collins, Mandap, and Do are all playing for 3rd...
  13. The structure, since being 15 handed, has run like a low-limit online MTT.
  14. Salzer is the only pro at the table w/ similiar tourney exp. as DN...good thing he is shortstacked...Jack ZwernerHenderson, NV[ Results | Stats ] 21-Feb-00 United States $ 1,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Split2000 L.A. Poker Classic, Los Angeles 6th $ 3,015 03-Apr-98 United States $ 200 Omaha Hi/Lo SplitPoker Warm-Ups, Las Vegas 2nd $ 1,750 17-Jul-95 United States $ 230 Seven Card Stud Hi/LoGold Coast Open, Las Vegas 4th $ 2,033 Bob ManginoPlantation, FL[ Results | Stats ] 10-Jun-05 United States $ 2,000 No Limit Hold'em36th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2005, Las Vegas 68th $ 4,520
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