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  1. Weather he plays or doesnt play at FT, do many of you think he will risk losing some serious endorsement money by announcing he plays there.
  2. some one stake me....I want in! 70/30?I'm an ok tourney player......live anyways.
  3. I found this funny.....I dont know why though.
  4. Dude your just as bad as he is. Because you have 2k post you have the right to tell someone what to do on an internet forum...your a arrogant, condesending, jerk. How 'bout you suck on my apples....becasue I told you too queer.
  5. He tried really hard to make him look bad....on the other hand he asked questions that we all want to know the answers too.\2nd thought....I think Phil tried to rail road DN.
  6. Not to flame but I think this is a pretty niave statment.
  7. Mabey someday these final tables will play out live on TV and save ourselves the time of constantly hitting the refresh button.
  8. 2.1 million....I can not even imagine that kind of money....
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