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  1. Wait...did DN leave??? Thankyou Bob, Gov, Matt, Theresa, DNA, Zach, KDawg and everyone who moderates and keeps this forum runnng.
  2. ^^^^^ what hblask said. EDIT: 2 posts ago too... he replied way faster than I type :Pedit again: It's a friggin' shear cliff to middle age lol We pay extra on our mortgage every month and don't pay a penalty to do this. You just have to ask and make sure the loan you get doesn't have 'pre-pay' penalty fees.
  3. bankrate.com is a good resource for calculators. I put in basic info 85k, 15 yrs, 5% got $672ish /month. Add at least 200-300/month for taxes and homeowners insurance (rough guess...depends on town tax rate). Oh...and don't forget to budget for this guy to come to house and remove these:
  4. A short sale is when the owner of home owes more than the house is worth and is selling it for less than they owe. The bank has to agree to a price bec. they're losing mobney. The homeowner is probably about to foreclose and the house would probably be listed for even less at a later date.
  5. LOLOLOL......this is strangely true The more wiggle room the better checky. Leave plenty of room for wigglin', especially with the other debt you talked about.The monthly mortgage # is just part of the cost of owning a home. GL:D
  6. We are going to need an OB/GYN doctor in IRC soon
  7. That's fine with me too.I also may be the only person who didn't know what 'ron mexico' meant........just googled it. lol at vick.
  8. Torn between jumping and buying!!! But I did locate that lime I bought!
  9. I have a confession.........I didn't read this thread. I scrolled down just to see BG's post. Am I the only one who does this?Keep 'em coming BG. :Dlol fwp
  10. Well, the biggest difference is it's my decision to pay life insurance. (And if I don't die well, that's a plus ). I don't have to keep paying John Hancock. While I understand what you are trying to say, I don't believe the government can stop the decline in house prices, greater good or not. And I believe principal reductions just encourage irresponsible behavior. ps kind of like what hblask just posted
  11. Hang in there Daniel..
  12. How about a Reverse Cram Down for 401k investments. We're down 6 figures on paper. I want a Cram Up. A mutual fund work out.A Troubled Investment Value Write Up TIVWU.A Dow Crash Investment Do Over DCIDOAn Oh Shit I'll Be Working Til I'm Dead Now Relief Assistance OSIBWTIDNRALet's start a petition :icon_cool:edit: guess we should've bought on margin then we'd get bailout somehow !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. <------------checking expiry on family passports:(
  14. Not an original idea but I've always wondered about opening a driving range. Get to hit a bucket any time i wanted
  15. Janfor99

    Bubble Spinner

    You're an evil man and I'm not clicking on that link!
  16. Yeah...it stinks. It's painful. No way around it. :(I had to put my horse down 3 months ago. I'd had him for 15 years. It stinks.Sorry for your loss. Those are some beautiful dog photos...
  17. Sorry to hear about your loss. It is very hard losing a parent. :(My condolences to you and your family.
  18. Nope, Guapo, ^^^^^^^^^^ this is Sol.(a blast from the old FCP poker room's past, and a good poker player)
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