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  1. ? Is #6 your movie or your girlfriend's?
  2. Can't believe I missed Fargo and Spaceballs!! I found a place that sells new and used DVDS and takes trade ins for cash or store credit (which ends up twice the value of the cash). It works out great for the collection of kids cartoons and old movies we didn't like. Trade 'em in.
  3. Right back at ya knuckler Man I can't wait for opening day!(Oh hey, not to hijack, but have you played at Mohegan at all? I've been down there 6 times in last couple months....sat in on 3 easy tables and then...3 tables full of regulars $1-2nl. Dealers are not great but they're getting better. But overall I like the place.)
  4. <----one of the few people in Massachusetts who voted against this!!! For the record...lol(Hey TW...Wakefield was named 4th starter btw)Jeez..the transformation from liberal into Republican after buying a home and having a child is nearly complete. YIKES...help.
  5. "Happy Birthday" Congratulations BG!!! Excellent.
  6. Don Cherry........good (too many men on the ice) lord.
  7. Broccoli...oh wait..he doesn't win anything :Pcongrats fcp
  8. Simply put sad truth of the matter. Well said aucu. Hang in there guys.
  9. so confusingButGG guys..!!
  10. Damn...still can't figure out #6. And I'm not Google Imaging/youtube searching: "penis statue, wee little penis statue, fixing genital on statue, broken penis scene" LOL
  11. Lighten up! (and I only need #6)
  12. Ah...the mad movie scientist is back. Let the pain begin.1st guess: Requiem for a Dream?
  13. lol pfff...you obviously haven't driven in Massachusetts
  14. Can you fix the damage to our wall/insulation from an ice dam? What's your going rate.....ah the joys of owning a home :PYoda live in NC....he can tell you about the area.
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