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  1. Dealer: Jan99 finished the tournament in 7535th placeEw.
  2. In.Jan99woohoo $2.20 satellites :PTy again Blueberry Bob...
  3. lol Ew...Bob's poopies!!!Okay, tiny pint of blueberries from Argentina 1 week: $3.99 next week: $4.99 then the following week: $5.99 !!!!! Not cheap around here. Bob must have a 'contact' in the blueberry 'industry'
  4. Great reply PM...good stuff. lolol
  5. "Well if I'm gonna get in trouble for smoking in the house, it had better be worth it."
  6. I really enjoyed reading this book.Currently trying to find time to finish these 2:
  7. Stop throwing the splitter! gl with surgery
  8. Mr./Ms. Otodat, you've expressed your disdain for FCP and DN, now kindly slither back down the hole from whence you came and disappear again.ty
  9. Please write it and put an end to the ridiculous speculation going on in that thread!! (I mean Republican...c'mon on )
  10. I'll see your bear and raise you a Bruin(Oopps, Troy beat me to it) Grin and bear it............ew
  11. TY lolI was thinking it was that one with Bruce Willis as the mob guy in suburbia. Damn, close but no cigar
  12. Okay, been bugging me.....WHAT is the answer to #1?ty:P
  13. lol My 3 yr old and I made our First Snowman of the year today! :)Let is Snow, let it snow, let it snow................
  14. Well, I was leaning towards telling you not to get a dog, but saving a dog is a cool thing to do and worth the effort. We got our dog from a 'Save A Sato' shelter. Only thing I will say is definitely don't leave 3 weeks after getting the dog, maybe time that better. And, if you are thinking about getting a puppy, make sure you have ALOT of time to spend and work with the dog for the first year. http://www.saveasato.org/
  15. Oh jeez, he called Balloon Guy didn't he? Had the 1 hour telephone call and BG warped his mind......he's turning Republican, carnivorous, and buying a humidor.... All is lost!!
  16. In.Jan99 on stars.If I win, 50% to Lost's charity. (But ISAP...so odds not good )
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