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  1. Congrats Ray......very happy for you!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!
  2. I think you both are in need of a QB, say like Eli Manning!!! Make me some offers people :PCongrats Eddie!!!
  3. Excellent choice. Congrats BG!!!!you nutzo rightwing nutzo
  4. Janfor99


    DNA may have unintentionally started, up to this point, one of the funniest threads I've seen on FCP in a long time.
  5. lol thats a funny site.My mom used to 'sautee' it in a pan with butter and lots of brown sugar. (Course, she used to feed us fried bologna too).Anyone remember a show called "Cooking with Spam" ?
  6. Aw shoot, I just bought BRKB last week!! I'm such a dummy LOL I love Ben Stein, he is a riot and very smart, although, he was in the 'it's contained and won't impact our economy" group when this first all hit the fan last year and he admitted later the housing collapse/credit crises is larger than he thought it was going to be. I havent sold any of our mutual funds, but am thinking about selling some of the ones outside of 401k to have a bigger cushion in our 'emergency' rainy day cash fund?? Pretty confusing times.Just tell me the money market funds aren't going to explode next? ??
  7. I'm sorry to hear that Bob. It stinks.
  8. Very nice, good job BG, DN, Lost and everyone for raising mobnies for a good cause...
  9. http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/Interesting blog re: credit cards. I've been reading this guy's blog and checking his website recently....as I've become increasingly nervous about me mobnies watching banks take billions in writedowns!!!! I've turned to the dark side!!
  10. Tricky fargin bastiges!!!!!!!!!!Credit card/big banks are trying to raise fees everywhere these days. Trying to recoup write-offs and losses due to sub-prime. Discover card (DC) and Capital One (C1) tried to do something similar to us 2 months ago. DC rate was 12.99%, C1 was 9.99%, both suddenly jumped to like 22%!!! Out of the blue for no apparent reason, we're never late with payments and have great FICOs! Funny because we've not had any balance on the DC for years, never use it! We used it in June 07 for 3k in car repairs to get the discover points then paid off half of this immediate
  11. Have you ever had a 3 year old........? They are a powerful force of nature!!! illiterate(hee hee)
  12. :DJust promise the teenagers expensive cell phones/Ipods and the elderly inexpensive oil....you'll dominate in no time at all :PYou know, this old liberal is feeling like she might vote Republican for the 1st time in her life!!!!!!! UGHOr, I'll just lie down on the couch until that feeling goes away. Not sure yet.
  13. LMAO The Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffett) Look to your right, that is BG in the bisque line.... :PLong live "Balloon Guy" persona and the real BG too, if I remember right he's a self-made guy who had some struggles earlier in life and overcame them. I love his humour
  14. Hope your speech goes better than that pour!!!!!!!!
  15. CASH or pork bellies.......okay just kidding about the pork belliesand FDIC insured up to what 100k, so for you BG alot of little 100k bank accounts
  16. lololololololololololololololol(and I half.....well 1/3 well 4/16th agree with wrongway, but this was pure BG gold )
  17. LOLI think the team challenge was fine the way it was, but whatever...it's all for fun.
  18. I don't ride, but I've had friends who've crashed their bikes. One a head on collision on his Ducati, thankfully he had a helmut and wasn't going fast at the time.Hope your son recoversgl Jan(no stake necessary)
  19. Hi,If not too late, we'd like to tip vb alittle for the work he put in making the leaderboard, so:pockethreeze - 45Jan99 - 45vbnautilus- 10Tx
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