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  1. hey jan!

    yah i can't play on fcp anymore cause they no longer have a java version for MAC's!! it sucks! i complained and daniel answered me almost instantly explaning that they didn't have time to develop a java version in light of the US restrictions, but that they were working on it. this was months ago...and still no java version...oh well. i participa

  2. haha i was thinking that too jan, but it's easy when you suck out like i do :)

  3. Hey Jan. Miss talking about what we r making for dinner. Hoping to get a BR going here when I move in June. I will do a rail call then for ya!!!!

  4. i don't have a account on poker.com sorry. :(

  5. i only want to bust stalker, then i'll be happy. gil says hi back

  6. Jan, you online? If you are come to IRC or check your PM from me.

  7. No no, just gil lol. Guy is seriously a machine!

  8. So I suppose you read the US Neteller thread in the forum. I think you had alll your money out. Hope so. I don't think it affects Canadians yet. Miss you at IRC.

  9. Thanks Jan, same to you :D

  10. tx Jan...i needed this confidence boost. :)

  11. UGHHHH :( I'm so angry right now :(

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