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  1. hey jan!

    yah i can't play on fcp anymore cause they no longer have a java version for MAC's!! it sucks! i complained and daniel answered me almost instantly explaning that they didn't have time to develop a java version in light of the US restrictions, but that they were working on it. this was months ago...and still no java version...oh well. i participa

  2. Hey Jan. Miss talking about what we r making for dinner. Hoping to get a BR going here when I move in June. I will do a rail call then for ya!!!!

  3. So I suppose you read the US Neteller thread in the forum. I think you had alll your money out. Hope so. I don't think it affects Canadians yet. Miss you at IRC.

  4. i only want to bust stalker, then i'll be happy. gil says hi back

  5. haha i was thinking that too jan, but it's easy when you suck out like i do :)

  6. tx Jan...i needed this confidence boost. :)

  7. No no, just gil lol. Guy is seriously a machine!

  8. UGHHHH :( I'm so angry right now :(

  9. Jan, you online? If you are come to IRC or check your PM from me.

  10. i don't have a account on poker.com sorry. :(

  11. Thanks Jan, same to you :D

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