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  1. generally juicy games dont go hand in hand with coolering someone AA>KK aipfjust sayin
  2. uno momento24" widescreen coming soon to go with the 20 there
  3. oh shit shake that ass and move it like a gypsystop, whoa, back it up now let me see ur hips swwinnng
  4. pics of my ftp setup..if anybody wants any of this stuff lmkjordan, msg me on aim...about yours
  5. lol?And no, i was not implying that soccer players are merely good runners, I would however say that stamina is a HUGE part of a soccer players skillset and probably the most important part
  6. i would agree that hockey requires the most athleticism out of the "big 3"hockey, baseball, footballbut to say that baseball doesnt require far more atheticism than you're implying is silly
  7. soccer plays are athletic bc they can run forever? basketball players are athletic bc they can jump high?Hockey is a legit argument...baseball simply requires a different type of athleticism than the other sports
  8. was gonna say....ex_matt has never played baseball at a level high enough to appreciate that baseball players have similar athleticism to all other sports...its simply a different skill set.
  9. fwiw, try being there rival...i hope they get crushed
  10. Its not even so much that I hate the Cubs specifically...I do however hate how Cubs fans have this poor perception of reality...Every year I cant help but hear about how the cubs have won the division on April 3rd, how they are going to do all these great things year in and year out..and then every year it fails to happen. I do admire your dedication, but jesus...I cant imagine rooting for a team that disappoints its fans year in and year out for at least a century now...
  11. i am jealous that the cubs luckboxed the division this year..and in all likelihood have the best team in baseball..this is the only time in my entire life im actually sweating the cubs winning....that being said there downfall is just gonna have to come a little late this year
  12. I cant think of anything in this world other than terrorism I hate more than the cubs..
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